Scale an object by the length of a curve


Hi i am trying to create a muscle mini system in Ice.

is a Spine. but i am trying to modify the scale of the vertebras by the length of the curve and this one by a fcurve so in the compound you can modify the curve of the Muscle bulge by it.

my idea is to get the curve length,
and then multiply the path percentage of the vertebra by and fcurve driven by curve, does it make any sence?

basicly if the curve makes longer than the original. i want the vertebra to get smaller. and if it shrink, it get bigger.

i been looking for tutorials or for examples on something like this, if any one have a pointer i apreciated =)
this were i got stuck.


ok, for some reason i cant “set data” i always get it red

i want just to test if my ice work, and i want to multiply the Y position of a vertebra with the scale or any x y z of the scale in local mode. and i get red node all the time.

i try moving the ice tree to the vertebra, into a cloud or in an external null just to see if that might work, but nop, same issue,

any ideas?



If you are trying to drive the local.scl in your setdata it will not work as this is setting data on “Kinematics” . ICE Kinematics setdata can only drive (a 4x4 Matrix).

You can use SRT to Matrix for example in your graph

Hope that help a bit



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