SCAD Siggraph party


Hey people, for anyone who went to SCAD (or wants to go), i just got an email from them saying that on wednesday they’ll be throwing a party at 6:30 at the Figuero Hotel, as far as i can tell you don’t need a ticket or an RSVP or anything, which is why i feel comfortable posting this here. I graduated last year and am looking forward to seeing some old friends, so, if you’re going to be there, and you’ve got time, go stop by, only negative is i doubt there’ll be alcohol, since it’s a college and not one of the vendors, but, hey, you can always hit the bar afterwords, it only lasts till 9, and i know i was at most of the vendor parties till 1am last year. If you need any other details about the scad party, just pm me or email or something and i can forward you the invitation, Cya in LA everyone.


actually last year there was wine and beer. Overall it was pretty relaxed and fun, and since I just graduated I’ll be heading there =D


I should be there. It’ll be great to see everyone again.


Grayson, how’s it goin Chalmers, you still down in Texas? We’ll need to meet up at that party, sorry i never emailed you after last SIGGRAPH, i lost your card in the shuffle, eh, shit happens and i got alot of shit those few days, cya there.


Add me to the list!!


me too >.<


Hey Jared!

Wow. I wish I could go to Siggraph. Maybe next year if I can get SCAD to pay. Boston next year right? Have fun! Let me know how it is :slight_smile:



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