Saving each Layer



I have a problem/question.
I want to save each Layer(about 40) as a separate file. Is there any possibility to automate this because i don’t want to choose every Layer and save it?

Hope you can help me.


How about using the action. I think you can make something like this load selection-> copy -> new file -> paste and save the file.


theres a script for this with CS somewhere…try searching the adobe forums :slight_smile:


what version of PS are you using? in CS try file/scripts/export layers to files, can’t check if this is present in older versions of PS, i’ve only got CS here at work.



@ michelengeltje:
I’m using PS7. I will look if there is a script in this version too.


by the way:

i actually found with google this link:

at the moment i’m to tired to read it but i will be - soon.

Really crazy to find this cgtalk thread about google.

Google rulez:thumbsup:


you could set up an action to dup the file flatten the image and save it with the default name. Of course before you play the action you need to hide all the other layers and do this for every layer you want as a file…but it would work and semi-speed things up a bit. Oh yeah and to make it more efficient don’t forget to assign the action to a F key.



I’ve now tried out the script from the other cgtalk thread - it’s working fine. It’s excatly taht what i want.

GREAT!!! :applause:


and don’t be afraid to ask how to modify that script (for example you can set up the script to write the layer blend mode in the name or on the image, and anything oyu pretty much like!)


You can switch to ImageReady, there you have a function to turn layers into keyframe animation, you can then save that animation as a image sequence… :wink:


I’m running Photoshop CS here, and Imageready CS has a function File>Export>Layers as Files…cant remember if that was in 7 or not.



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