Save Loomis' torrents! create a seed pool for 'em!


Allright I finally downloaded the torrents from the saveLoomis site. Thanks to the great folks there putting it up for us and finally having put there tracker and data on-line. A really really big cheer and bottoms to you guys if you’re watching.:beer:

The big idea is that everybody downloads them and the seeding pool becomes large enough to be on-line at any time, thereby allowing newcomers to the arts and people in need of good reading/reference/knowledge to be able to download it.:wip:

  I really hope you're all with me on this. I know I had some trouble getting them, but I got lucky. Maybe they'll have to shut down their website and who knows what else. I'll leave my computer on-line as long as I can, or maybe I'll up-load the files to a hosting server. The options aren't 100 % clear to me yet. As soon as I'll edit and update.

I’ll make a torrent file for the entire collection I got of their site and one for each separate book. They’re all in pdf format so they’re easily accessible.

   [b]Thanks to Jannis a non torrent mirror: [5 Loomis books]( 

Cloudmover has put up some individual books on-line:[/b]

*Andrew Loomis - Eye of The Painter - 25MBs

*Andrew Loomis - Fun with a Pencil - 11MBs

*Andrew Loomis - Succesful Drawing 22MBs

 Links for the torrents will go here: [/b]*
   (any suggestions and knowhow other than found in online Wikipedia for Azureus are quite welcome. The client I use is [Azureus]( btw. It's free and very good!)


I’m using this second post to test until I get it right, if it doesn’t work please let me know.
I will get to fixing it asap. PM me or post in this thread, i prefer posts if you don’t have the solution though.

OK, <right click and save as> should do it, I’m not sure though. It’s the torrent URL. It should be opened by your bittorent client one way or the other.

links removed, weren’t working…


the link isn’t working.
I’ve found the books on Emule (pdf) ,but I’m still trying to get a tracker in order to put those beauties on the net.


It seems that I can’t connect to the server (the one to get the torrent file from)…


El Toro, I’ve uploaded the files to my hostingserver. I have a feeling that with those files you’ll do fine. I hope it works if I just dump them there.

drawing the head and hands

Fingers crossed!:slight_smile:


I downloaded the torrent server, but when i download the torrent files, all i get is garbled characters.

 Maybe Loomis could speak an extraterrestrial language and published books in it?


What you need to do is open the torrent files with a bittorent client such as Azureus , if you open them into that program it’ll start looking for sources to download from as specified in the torrent file. The more people with the particular files, the faster the download speed.


I finally got one of the torrents from SaveLoomis, Fun with a Pencil, to start downloading, although extremely slow.

I got your torrent open on Azureus, which is also the client I use but it’s giving me a connection error.


That’s why I want to start a new torrent. They often have their hosts off-line. I had to wait a week to get them on my computer but last night they all downloaded. Now I want to start a new one which can be on-line all the time!!! That’s why I started this thread.

Did you check out the new links too?

edit: “Fun with a pencil” and “succesful drawing” have both started up-loading on my Azureus client, but very slowly.


OK, sorry, I don’ know very well how BitTorrent works. I’ll leave it open as long as it takes, if needed…


me too, I’m on-line a lot. Even if I’m not doing anything on the web.

I’m going to try something else now, see if my hosting service wil let me use them as a tracker. I’ll see how far I can stretch it.

I seem to be having problems here. I’ll have to find out how to solve it. The links don’t work so I’m looking into it.


If all else failes, you could use a public tracker like the piratebay (.org).
I do believe a tracker does generate a lot of traffic (although I don’t think one or two torrents would cause much of a problem.)


I can’t download it since Adobe Acrobat Reader is being an a$$. When I click on the link it says that it isn’t a .pdf file (duh) and when I want to save the link through right clicking on it I can only save it as a .pdf file and adds the pdf extension to it…

Ok, I got it to work through Azureus with the linking thing, I’m not connected to a peer though…


Well, I got most of the books already from The only one not downloading is The Eye of the Painter.


I managed to grab that one too. But the hash file can’t be found is what it reads here. I think that’s the file that keeps tabs on what’s where and who’s asking for what.


here you have a (non-torrent) mirror:

5 Loomis books (132 mb)



I’m putting it in the first post!!!

Thanks a bunch Jannis.


Ok, I have started using a public tracker now. It seems to be working, but I can’t be sure. I’ll just leave my computer on since there are no other hosts/seeders yet. Remember don’t remopve the files from your harddrive initial location and keep them in you bittorent client for seeding.

LoomisTorrent (all books pdf)


ok so i’m downloading this as well. but i have a question because i downloaded the non torrent file before but when i wanted to unpack it, it was broken. i managed to get only 3 books. did you also have problems with the file?


I haven’t tried it actually. I allready had all of them from the site.

Which link are you downloading from? Did you use the one in the post before yours? That one contains all the books on their site. Except for creative illustration which is fragmented into separate pages in gifs. Could you try the above one, because if it works I can give it a rest and just keep it there for uploading purposes.