save 50% Rendertime, Fix mr Render Element Bug!


Yes! Yeah! Super!

I can´t believe it. Save 50% Rendertime. Fix the Render Elements Bug with Render Optimizer V3!

deactivate “contrast all Buffers” with RO V3, and you have the same speed as Vray Renderelements.

2014 can comming!

Render Optimizer V3:

have fun!

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Good news!
But could you update the script for max 2012 so we could beneficiate from this option as well?
Sadly, not everybody can sustain the constant upgrade thing : (



the 3dsmax2014 Verison work 3dsmax2012 too! Download the 3dsmax2014 Verisn. You need only to install the Render_Optimizer_v3_loader_3dsmax2012.mcr, and not the Render_Optimizer_v3_loader_3dsmax2013_14.mcr. Thats all.

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Little explanation:



Thank you! : )


The explanation is correct and easily visible in the reflection sample posted by Thorsten. Look at the tire tread and lower grill in the reflections, as well as the lower grill on the car. For me the extra time is needed if you are using those to composite passes, or the general sampling needs to be raised to prevent the noise and aliasing in the reflection pass.



It really is incredible how much you have managed to “unlock” with Mental Ray. The RO script you have is so much more capable than the “default” Mental Ray experience you get with Max, it would almost be crazy to work without it. Great work!


You are the MAN!

This just upgraded my machine to dual-xeon!


Hi guys,

you can a little bit speed up the framebufer rendering, if you use “framebuffer cached”. You must only added the follow text in rayrc File. The rayrc file find in \3dsmax_root\NVIDIA.

Framebuffers Caching

Values “none”/“off”, “mapped”/“on”, or “cache” default is off

registry “{_MI_REG_FBVIRTUAL}” value “off” end registry # deactivate Caching

registry “{_MI_REG_FBVIRTUAL}” value “mapped” end registry # as default

registry “{_MI_REG_FBVIRTUAL}” value “cache” end registry # as fast

have fun!

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