Textured render a bit to yellow and still working on uv’s and Shaders


is the first one is the finished model saturn sky? nice job either way tho


the first one is one of the reference photos. this is my first realistic car models. i hope that in the end i can get it to match the photos


New Update.not to much added but much more to come


It looks like the wheelbase is shorter than it should be. Unless there’s just a bunch of perspective in the reference shot, the front fender looks like it needs to be longer. Or maybe the wheels are too big?


the wheels on the sky are large compared to most cars, the front end is accurate to a side schematic drawing and from the photos that i have take from my Sky. it might be the perspective that is throwing it off. If you might know where i might find more accurate reference plz let me know, there isn’t much out there. here are some of the pics im going off of.


I found a little time to add a little more detail but still the model is very ruff. Im still looking for reference if anyone has any ideas where to find non photo reference (ie blue prints) i will be for ever greatfull


like u said its rough now but ur defently getting there keep up the work! like the tires btw.


I decided i had about what i need to get an idea of what this thing will look like. But now i realized i need a name. any ideas?



Like, the sky’s the limit, or the rev limit, etc. Just the first one that popped into my head.

Maybe something to do with planets or something since it’s a saturn.


got an animation between the 2 states? (car and robot) and if so share it please =)


Its been awhile since i have been able to sit down to this massive project but i finaly have any update.

-Yungimoto i like the name, lol but it seems like its the only idea so far.
-misaelbroertjes Right now im just working on the models once i have both forms worked out ill start with the animation. and like you id like to see it and plan to make one.

im suprised that not to many people have been replying to this WIP. Where are all the transformers fans at?


“Hula Hoop” :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok so some more work on the internals


This is a damn good attempt!
Don’t worry about the lack of comments…when you are doing a great job like this you know it yourself :wink:

I got no crits for you…just a little pat on the back to keep you going…

good luck!!:thumbsup:


the fact ur doing so well makes it very hard to crit ur work…i cant find anything at all that can be improved…amazing work…amazing detail…just looks…amazing…


thank you for all the complements, here is where im at with the modleing of the body, still some imperfections but they will soon be fixed.


how are u rigging and animating this robot? i once got the idea of doing that but i wouldnt know where to start 0.0


Hi! nice transformer project you have in here:)

 you should complete the car first, and then start figure it out how to do the robot from that car...well i would take that approach if i was making transformer:arteest:

and maybe you can show us a bigger images from last update, its hard to see the details right now


i have just started work on the robot part of the car. here is the hand, still ruff though

STANER-That my plan, the robot its self is something that im designing away from the car body. once the robot modeling is finished all figure out how i will break up the car and place the parts. And as you asked larger images.

misaelbroertjes- im going to rig the robot first then fold it up into the car then attach the car body to it.