Saturn Sky Transformer, Jason Walker (3D)


Title: Saturn Sky Transformer
Name: Jason Walker
Country: USA
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

After more then a year of work its getting close to finished. This is a comp done for a school compition. If anyone has any completes please feel free to give me your input.


sweet! i followed this in the wip section. nice to see how it turned out!


This is amazing! love the headlights =P


That’s so unrealistic. No transformer would willingly be a Saturn! :slight_smile: Why not something sexy like an Aston Martin or an Audi. Nice work though. I feel like his textures need to be weathered a little though. Those greasy interior gears and bits and bobs. A lot of detail could be brought out to really show off the complexity of the model by adding that subtle wear and tear. Right now some areas just look kinda plain. Lighting looks good though.


Hi,Im creating tranformer of myself and I have a critique.
First of all I want to say that your tranformer design is good and vey detailed,but sometime alot of details make transformers look like a pile of junk…Well your’s dont look like that but robot arms look overcrowded,it dont make orderly siluete.Robot’s head looks like kitten’s and top of head is low detailed.
What concernes textures and materials it looks like they all are procedutal,no damage at the edges.Grey metal parts look like rock and looks like they have no spectacular and reflects nothing.
I think lightning is good,but about post procesing,again,It could be better.It looks like you handblured the model…
Anyway your’s work is very good I just think it could be presented better than now it is.
Good luck whit works on future.


very nice work is amazing
but can u ask u same thing ??? what is the car ???

i like it the color

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


really wonderful , 5 star


Nice job getting this as far as you did. I know it took a lot of hardwork and dedication…keep at the post process though. The light is casting a shadow on the ground in such a way as the outer portions of the feet come across as floating. A little shadow painted in between the toes will help 'ground the character. Also you might lend him some weight by sinking him a bit into the ground…Just keep at it, you’re almost there!


That’s so unrealistic. No transformer would willingly be a Saturn



katana2665- ok ill take that into concideration, they both sound like good ideas and something ill have to try when i do the real thing.

simyevil- Its a Saturn Sky RedLine

Stringas2000- I agree with what you have poiints out. the shaders at this point are only about 40% of what id like them to be, alor of the detail that you see here was faked in photoshop because of this. I hope i can find the time to texture map alot of the major parts and give it the look it needs to stand out and be a real show pice. your right about the blur it wasnt done with real DOF since the render time would have gone from 5 hour (3000x4800) to who knows how long. so untill i find a program to do dof for 2d or move into 3d composite ill just have to fake it for now.

homer4lyfe- lol a sky looks nothing like your mamas car. :stuck_out_tongue:


Apart from some technical issues already been mention, I like your transformer design and it looks great!


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