Satan I, Per Øyvind Haagensen (2D)


Dang! That is really impressive anatomy and texture, good job!




Fantastic work.The anatomy form your work is skilled.
Can’t waiting to see more.:slight_smile:


Very well done. I appreciate your artistic range and imagination. Thank you for posting religion image.


Wow!~Stunning work!5stars for sure!Amazing works I really like your works!


nice work~! I like it


very impressive weird dream :smiley:

i like the idea with the floating crosses and the faceless creature.
five stars!


Great work on the character, I’m not a fan of the composition, the empty space (the up part of the image) leads my attention away from your stunning character.


thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments. Much appreciated =)

Just couple of “quick” extended replies
cheers! If you mean why the crosses aren’t pointing downwards, that’s a good question, although let me try explain why I chose to do them this way. When I began the project I was really trying to go for a piece with a kind of timeless feel to it. That’s why I chose to not have any clothing, armour or jewelry etc. that might have tied it down abit too spesifically to a certain age or culture. Today alot of rockbands and such use the upside down cross to portray a kind of defiance towards or renouncment of Christianity. But from my research, I have gathered that this is a modern misconception, as the upside down cross (in history, not modern popular symbolism) represents the sacrifice of Peter and his passion for Christ. For me it was more important to have the cross upwards to symbolise the sacrifice of Christ for all mankinds sin. The seven people on the seven crosses in the painting depict the seven deadly sins, and these, as I tried to show them here, are eternal beings, and mankind continue to perform these sins no matter. The crucified entities are in pain, suggesting an eternal hell as long as sin exists (basically mankind) and I wanted them to float in the air to suggest a more magical power and disturbance of natural laws that would occur at the presence of satan.
On a sidenote, I also wanted them in the picture to break up the background abit and point towards satan =)

thanks! I can see what you mean to a certain degree… I guess the light works in mysterious ways on the beast :wink: will certainly be more careful with light consistency in future work, cheers =)

many thanks, and I’m particularly glad you liked the religious aspect of it

cheers =) I guess you might be right, I’m still very much a “newbie” when it comes to composition and painting, especially compared to the awesome work seen on this forum, so it’s something I will keep working at for sure.

again thanks to everyone for posting =)



heh- Thank’s for the lesson - Great concept indeed :slight_smile:


This image is flippin awesome!

Biblical / religious horror art normally looks cheesy and over the top to me, but this one is classy and genuinely disturbing at the same time!

I really love the design of satan. Things with no eyes are scary in my book, and i absoloutley love the rended, layered flesh texture of his body.

Great sky and colour pallette too.

Duck! 5 stars coming your way!


Very impressive!

I don’t know, why painters are so mad in creating an evel creature or satan himself, but this time, it is the first time to me, that I have the feeling, this could be the anti-christ himself.

I don’t know, how you got the vision, but anyhow, it’s truely scarying.Sadistic and masochistic in the same time - he seems to have borderline syndrom and hate on everything, he seems to be full of lust and gifted with an never ending hunger.

If Hieronimus Bosch would be reborn, you should become his teacher!



cool cool cool:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


cheers! You are pretty much mentioning the most important factors I was aiming for with the painting =)
thanks alot! Inspiring words!
many thanks! :smiley:

Thanks to everyone for looking at my work and for the comments!



like you won’t need eyes where you’re going

that is something beautiful and special

5STARS easy

look forward to seeing this on the front page



We all see alot of designs of creatures, I must say, thisone is a good one.
And that voodoo-doll-jezus without a head is also a strong image.
But I’m not so crazy about the background, It looks like you got Impatient, It a bit flat.
Anyhow your talent is unquestionable.

Karel De Wolf


I absolutely beautiful! I love how you got a subsurface scattering effect in photoshop:) Niice!

I agree with the other posts in that the background almost seems like an after thought and is no where near the quality of the devil. IMHO, it seems as if a different artist did the background.


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