Sasquatch And Unreal


Anybody know if Sasquatch can be used in conjunction with the Unreal shader ? And if so, know of any examples online ?



Nope. We use Unreal for our current game and the lightwave support is minimal (meaning geometry only). I don’t recall any current engines doing any time of fur/hair simulation beyond a ponytail. Maybe some gamecube games that have furry creatures but those are explicitly written shaders and use a vertex shading technique called shell and fin extrusion. Defintely not in off the shelf unreal. CustomizableFur_Isidoro.pdf


I think the question was about Sasqautch and the Unreal surface shader (cel shading), not the shaders in the game Unreal.

I haven’t tried it at all, but I would think that the Sas network would render as normal, and not be affected by the Unreal shader as one is a surface shader and the other is a post process. I could be wrong, but if my understanding of how the two are rendered is correct, you would not have cel shaded hair using sas with unreal.

You may be able to use Sas to mimic the look though…


Here’s a Saslite test I did:

There I tried to make the Saslite fibers render like flat black ink lines, to better match the look of a drawing. I wouldn’t use it for the art styles that I’ve been doing, but I might try it if I was tackling a Neal Adams design.


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