SasLite Trick to Creating Splotchy Grass Tutorial.......coming soon!


From this (boring):

To this (like my old front yard):

And all with just SasLite!
See if you can guess the trick, “before” I post up the tut? :slight_smile:

I should have the tutorial up by tomorrow, or maybe even by tonight :slight_smile:

…md :slight_smile:
P.S. BTW, I made my yard look like a killer park when I got done with it :slight_smile:
It started off looking as bad as this Splotchy Grass scene, but ended up really nice :slight_smile:


Is the trick deforming a layer below the visible surface and applying Sas Lite to that? Just a guess but I’ve had some good luck with that method. Can’t say I discovered it myself as I was led down that path by a very talented LWer named Chris. Here is the thread where he explains it, Looking forward to viewing your tut!! mokba


Thats exactly what I was going to suggest! :slight_smile:

You have your ground plane (in this case a box) with the dirt texturing, and then layers of polys inside it with varying sized sas fibers applied per surface. Kind of like the old clip map grass technique with 50 stacked polys.



That was “classic!!!”.
I was wondering how long it would take to see if anyone would figure it?
Thanx guys!
That’s too good!
I was telling my neighbor, “let’s see how long it takes for someone to get it?”,
and you two did it pretty quick! :slight_smile:

The screen shots are already done and the text is next.
So, by tomorrow, it should all be done and posted up.

Yes, it works just like you say :slight_smile:
See, I was VERY surprised that I hadn’t YET heard of ANYONE coming up with this trick,
and thought it was a good idea to post this out myself.

So, here it comes by tonight, or tomorrow, for sure :slight_smile:
Already have all the screen shots made and just need to add the text.

Will post the link probably by tonight.
It’s only a little after 7pm.

Anyway, congrats guys!
You just won the Patt on the Back, award :slight_smile:

…md :slight_smile:
P.S. There are “other” tricks too, if anyone wants them?
Or???.. Can think of what they would be?
That’s a challenge for you two :slight_smile:
I “love” this brain cell manipulation.


I only figured that one out due to having written a clip mapped grass tutorial a few weeks back; the theory seemed to be the same to me, knowing the limitations of saslite. I’ll definately take a look MD!



Hey!, well post that puppy up!

Or is it already posted, and I just missed it?

Anyway, I love to see other’s tutorials.

And the tutorial will be posted tomorrow, as I’m enjoying some wine, right now :slight_smile:
(all the hard part is done anyway)
A whopping, 51 frames total!

thanx…md :slight_smile:


looks like a typical vegas backyard in the summer.


Yeah, it’s already up… Landscapes and Lightwave can be found here ->



Is it just me or is the chapter ten not fully uploaded yet?
Always meant to work thru that but haven’t had the time yet.


Check your PMs about that…



In regards to the grass, i’m assuming that saslite is smart enough to calculate the grass that is essentially under ground, or would it be a good idea to cull the polygons to improve rendertimes?


How do you get this dense of coverage, multiple instances of SasLite? If so, how many were used in this scene, is this scene built at a 1:1 real life scale, and how long did it take to render on what type of machine?


Yes, I used two different grasses (instances) in the scene.
A greener and shorter one, and a yellower, slightly taller grass.

And as for render time, it was about 3.29 minutes on a 1500ghz P4.
And that was for the full size renders, of 640, not these smaller images here.
(can’t wait to get my new system, a 3ghz, yah!)

And as for “culling the polygons”, I have no clue what that is?
Maybe you can tell me more, as I’m always looking for ways to improve render speeds.

Thanx, and the tut should be up later today.

…md :slight_smile:


I’m lookin’ forward to this tut. Maybe it will make me look at SasLite a little nicer.
By the way, nice tut on the vines/book!


Culling polygons, quickly

Once you’ve got to this stage in layout.

Save out a transformed object and go back to modeller
Open the new object and delete all the polygons below a certain level.

Maybe this will improve render times?


OK, now I see what you’re talking about, but no, that wouldn’t work for this, as you NEED the polygons above AND bellow any level, as this is what gives the grass it’s different hights.

And thanx carbon8 for your comments.
Also, I am trying to get this tutorial posted out today, but the stupid thing went and
got corrupted somehow, and now I need to redo the flippin thing.

So, I’ll try for tomorrow, as I at least have backups from the start.
…md :slight_smile:


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