Sashimi's revenge, Serge Birault (2D)


Beautiful colors and flawless painting!


Agree wholeheartedly!


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REKLAS : You’re right but it’s logical that she’s less wet than the octopus or glossy than the fish :wink:


fabulous!! many compliments :applause:




Love it! Interesting compositioning for a portrait piece. It’s nice and humorous and also pleasing to the eye!


Excellent work, just luv it!!!


Yeah! Very well done! :smiley:


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totally out of box!! i love the color value a lot and that wet slimy octo… u shud hav got lil water spread on her butss that wud hav look more sexy:)) just my opinion… really grat piece.






Marvellous, simply beautiful



Very nice work, the palette and brightness is really interesting.


Really good piece. The only thing I dont like is the huge t*ts.


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[left]another great work. congratulations papaninja:applause:[/left]


thanks for sharing,


I like the character. Wonderful image.


This is really beautiful. Those lips are a bit wacky - I think they’re my favorite part of the painting, although there’s a lot to love here. I’m surprised not to see it on the front page! Nice work. :thumbsup: