Sashimi's revenge, Serge Birault (2D)


Title: Sashimi’s revenge
Name: Serge Birault
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

I usually don’t post commission work but I do an exception for this one ^^
Another picture wich was very influenced by Hajime Sorayama’s techniques. I tried some new tones for testing.
I used some Scarlett Johansson ref for the face, I’ll post it later.
There will be some details on my website; it’s a very big picture so I can do good close-up.
Done with Photoshop.
Hope you’ll like it and hope you’ll not fed up with octopus :smiley:


Amazing, love everything in this picture wich has an strange mood. The girl is a beauty.


Here for the ref:




Awesome really awesome, great colours and quality!
Cg Choice award now!!!


Whoa! wow, great stuff. Love love love the eyes. Outstanding skin colour. Nice job.


JMART, Andreas, marilenamexi and Samuraikuroi : Thx a lot for your kind words ^^


WOW! Amazing! Very good work, Serge. I love this image so much. Five stars :bowdown:


great great great !!! wonderful work !:bowdown:


Fudging awesome as usual! Someone PLEASE give him a choice award as ive not seen a bad piece of work from the guy!


It’s so surreal that I don’t if the proportion issues with the face and hands are intentional. It’s a good surreal concept piece, and the rendering style is consistant throughout, making it’s own self balancing act. The color scheme is interesting as well. Not quite sure what to make of it, but it is interesting. I like the spear fishing gun and the snorkle set the most. Very strong. Nice work.


Felideus, djudju and AndyH : thx a lot my friends :smiley:
linainverse23 : Yes, the strange proportions are intentional, I use to deform all I can :smiley:
Thx for your constructive comment ^^


Amazing painting. Love it.


Beautiful skin! Great work! I love her thigh best!Extremely sexy!


Really super piece Serge…the rendering and composition is stunning and I immediately was able to see you used Ms. J as reference.

Always great to see new work from you…never disappoints!

All the best,


over the top sexy. Love it. 5/5


I want to say: good work! nice work! great work! awesome work! personal work! amazing work! fantastic work! excellent work! these is all I know words can describe your work!!!!


The octopus and the fish are both glossy from being wet, but there’s no sign of that on her at all so it make her look a bit “pasted in” and not part of her surroundings. Great painting though and cool style.


amazing, simply amazing…!

everything here looks so well done, what i esp like is the harmony that uve maintained. and the girl is beautiful…:).

stunning piece mate…:thumbsup:.

and cheers on your national day…:).


speechless, totally awesome!!