Sarah and The City of Dead - In Production


UPDATED : Platform has been changed to PC/Mac via Steam with potential mobile port later.

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Sarah and The City of Dead Official Website

Please look further down the thread for updated art asset previews. :slight_smile:

NOTE : In the final development stage will revisit her texture and make sure her clothing is more appropriate for her surroundings (i.e. post apocalyptic world). Right now she looks like she walked out of Old Navy.


Did a bit of Photoshop work today to get a placeholder logo in the game build menus. This is the result of an hour so of work.


Perhaps “City of the Dead”?

Also why don’t you make her blonde…I can’t recall any games with the lead being a blonde woman. Andrea from the Walking Dead proved that blondes could be smart…no wait. Nevermind.


Ha ha funny you mentioned that cause I was considering allowing the player to skin her to appear differently if they chose, i.e. blonde with different outfit, brunette with different clothing. I might be ditching that idea as the game premise seems to be changing from a simple run and gun to possible episodic content and a real story behind it.

As for the title, that required quite a bit of late night thought. Mostly while porch sitting and smoking. I found via Google searches that City of the Dead was used quite a bit everywhere in a lot of different media properties, so I just said “oh boy” and moved on. I found by making a simple search for “City of Dead” that there were far less media properties to be found, something like a single book or a very old movie. So I stuck with that and added the part about our female protagonist. I even thought a bit about the logo and it’s design. I wanted it to be something that was once shiny and nice to look at and then have it covered over or ruined by muck and decay. Her name up top represents just another part of that “green” muck all over the world now. There are small bits and pieces of the old shiny showing through, so hopefully there is a positive end and redemption.


Makes sense about the name.

Would be nice if you could allow for the different player skin…but I understand though that a episodic flow would prevent that, at least if you had one single protagonist. So, if only one…be the first to give the blondes some love. :thumbsup:

Good luck, it’s looking good so far.


I like what I see so far.

I’m wondering at the name… considering how many times “City of The Dead” is used, it feels like you are just using a generic name and missing out on a great opportunity to uniquely brand your product.

Adding “Sarah”, to me, gives the whole thing an hissing aliteration when spoken out-loud: sssara and the sssity of the dead. (maybe the hiss works… I don’t know).


We have a gallery section to post personal projects at. Cg news is not for personal promotion.



idk,to be fair he is giving news about an actual game that he is producing for sale that will be out at some point, showing the development status. I don’t see how that is different than Project Dogwaffle, which is 1-2 people or any other company that promotes news about upcoming products or updates. Even the Verve dynamic painting project of one guy is on the News forum.


Update on this project’s transition. I’m very aware of the major issues right now in the game play. This video demo is a bit odd due to using a mouse to simulate the touch events.


Looking for ideas from the community.

Project is a sidescrolling, wave shooter. Need some ideas to enhance gameplay or reward players. Basic shoot and kill zombies is working, player damage is working, wave spawning and increased zombies/difficulty per wave is working. Here are my current notes on the build.

Sarah and the City of Dead Bug Fixes/Revisions/Improvements:

1.) Implement different weapons, currently player only carries an M4 single shot rifle. Could do a 3 round burst option, shotgun, machine gun, samurai sword, baseball bat, pipe wrench, etc.?

2.) Implement better spawning for zombies, better placement, etc.
Right now they (zombies) spawn randomly down or up the road surface and if you are close to a random spawn point, they just suddenly appear right on top of you. It’s possible to make them appear to walk out from behind buildings or other structures. Maybe they can crawl out from under the ground? Crawling option will require a unique shader to produce the “hole” in the road surface.

3.) Many sections in the earlier waves now feel “vacant” and I have to go “hunt” down zombies to kill. This creates a lull of downtime that extends what is acceptable for a fun experience.

4.) Reward players with some kind of gathering collectible that will enhance or improve gameplay somehow. It’s possible to reward cash or coins or something so the player can purchase new weapons. Maybe our undead zombies had some cash in their old crusty wallets?


@SheepFactory - Ah didn’t see your post earlier. Sorry about that. I’m not really promoting this, or selling it to anyone. This is a development news update, so very much news on the progress of a CG artistic endeavor of mine. There is no money involved in it, and I thought a project being worked on by an artist was worthy of being CG news (considering it’s a news update on a CG involved project). Just my opinion and take on it. :slight_smile:


Ha ha thanks bud! I always see product news being posted in the CG News section. Whether it’s sales, or pimping of stuff for sale. I even see the promotion of works by artistic persons. Funny thing is mine’s not promoting a product or myself (as I’m not selling it or my own services), but rather sharing a process of development and artistic evolution.


It’s been a while, but development has resumed on this project. The project now targets a PC/Mac build via Steam. Here is a brand spanking new Facebook page devoted to development updates.

I’ve also put up a new web site dedicated to the game’s development and marketing. It’s a bit barren right now as I’m pushing to put some new designs together at the moment.

HOME - Sarah and The City of Dead


Placed the first type of undead male character into the current Unity build.


Work in Progress: I’ve been working now for 3 days on the main protagonist “Sarah”. Finished up her modeling and UVs on the first day. Day two consisted of laying down basic texture/color sections and starting to lay down some base patterning on those areas. Day three was bringing into Mudbox and sculpting some folds in clothing. I also used Mudbox to begin laying down some texture details in the skin and shirt. I have about another 2 days left on this character. I have to create a tactical sling/holsters for weapons.

Some cool new news: I’ve now teamed up with M. Goodrich for character design.

As a side note : I have not touched the boots or arms/chest are for texturing or sculpting.


So this is happening today. I am only one person, so some folks might debate the need for a GDD. I come from a studio background and that’s just the way we worked, so I do what I know. This is about 4 pages of a 20 page document so far.


Brand new M4 Carbine asset. Sarah will start the story with this weapon.
Here are some preview images and below that is a video turnaround.



M9 Handgun Asset Completed

Completed the M9 handgun asset today. This is her secondary weapon.
Link to Youtube HD video turnaround: