Santos - Virtual Soldier (Wired Article)


Just read an interesting article on Wired about a virtual soldier called Santos, who can be placed in decision making situations.When placed in a HumVee he is told to exit the vehicle and assess the results and solve any problems encountered. The link to the Iowa School of Engineering (Virtual Soldier Research) page was more interesting with a few video clips and a lot more info.,70253-0.html?tw=wn_index_16

Check out the Discovery Doco link on the University of Iowa School of Engineering page.

[font=Arial]We conduct research to create human-like figures in physics-based environments that are interactive and intelligent. These humans can predict postures and motions, and can execute tasks autonomously responding to questions such as: Can you do this task? When will you be tired? They respond to real human actions and are sent to places where the real human cannot go. Our vision is to deploy these human avatars into vehicles, systems, products, as well as on military “virtual” battlefields to try out new equipment and tell us whether we have designed them well. We certainly welcome anyone who wants to help. -
University of Iowa School of Engineering.

I’m interested to know what everyone else thinks of this project, it raised more questions than it answered for me. Some of the vids on the downloads page are dated 2003.

Is this the same kind of AI we would encounter in a game or is it customised for each situation.

Do the intersections we see in the videos not really matter in the calculations of results.

How do they train him to repair a vehicle.

Who’s mesh did they buy, and is he aware of his new role, and is his likness copyrighted or can he be used as a character for a animated short.


So he’s like a really high tech crash test dummy?


Here is a picture :



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