Sanne van dijk_ fire and ice challenge title: the deadly triangle


hi, so this is my thread for the challenge, i have already started creating my first character for the 3D scene i decided to make for the challenge.

so heres the first stage of my character.
new posts will follow soon


so i’ve been working on the characters i have to sculpt first before i can make a scene, i started with the dragons, got 2 and only 1 to go now.
i’ve made some inbetween screenshots of them and a quick render so you can kinda see what they will look like eventually.


so i have been working on my scene a bit more, its kind of difficult when you make high detail 3D models to stuff them all in a 2800px image but im working on it,so these are the 3 dragons with my my main characters, still have to create the composition for the final scene, but heres a close up, so you can atleast see the detail. i went for a different approach of the white walkers dragon, i decided to literally make it out of ice.


so heres my final image, i’ve given it all i’ve got on current techniques and knowledge in 3D, and i hope its enough:D it was a fun challenge, loved to create the dragons.