Sandra, Misu (3D), (3D)


Title: Sandra, Misu (3D)
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Character created few years ago just for study :slight_smile: . I’ve used lot’s of references for smile but my girl friend smile helped me alot :stuck_out_tongue:


Woooooooow! :drool:

This is fantastic!! :thumbsup: Very cooool textur.

Congrat!! :beer:


Front page material for sure. What’s there to say, its perfect in every way. I especially like the softness of the skin.


Wow…very nice! The texturing and modeling are outstanding!:thumbsup: She kind of resembles Carie-Anne Moss (Trinity from the matrix) a bit. Good work…Front page material for sure:) The bottom of her ear lobe looks a bit odd…but that might be because of the shadow.


Oh man!

This is a seriously good piece of work!

After watching it for some time I have three points which I think are a bit off:

  • Her ear is a bit large for my tastes - at least the inner part is pointing out a bit too much.
  • The background could be a bit more blurred - it is too focused in the hightlight.
  • The sweater material is not of the same high standard as the head.

But man - I wish my heads were as good as yours!

Her hair is marvellous - how have you made it?

/ Daniel


Wow, awesome work, I’ve been lurking around and peeping into your WIP every once in a while and it’s great to see it finished, and whoa, it turned out great! :applause: :applause:


Awsome modell and pictures!
background more blur!


nice :thumbsup:


thanks for the reply :thumbsup:
i think you’re right about background … i’ll render again with depth of field .


Beautiful skin! Best thing I like about this character are the lips; very good texture and glossyness! Frontpage please! :smiley:


good job dude ,which soft for the rendering ?


She looks very real, that 's very good texturing and lighting, and of course modelling! :thumbsup:



amaizing m8, i saw your wip thread good job. :bowdown:


just one word: AWESOME :eek:


Yea! Awesme! Totally real. :buttrock:


Hey Misu, that is really cool! She looks like a real preson with a real personality, and she seems like nice person.:slight_smile: Great skinshading!
The ear looks a bit wierd, I think there is too much contrast there. Do you have any more renders?


Fantastic stuff! Have to agree with the comment on background blur, and possibly the ear does look a little strange, but it works beautifully overall. Nice one!


I can say only one thing about your picture: clearly piece of art.:applause:

P.S. I will suggest you to smooth the edges of the ear a bit and to make the teeth a bit transparent.




:thumbsup: I love!
No crits… Congrat!