San Diego targets Hollywood's visual effects sector


"Barry Sandrew, president of Legend3D, wants to transplant thousands of visual effects specialists from Los Angeles and other parts of the country to San Diego.
Targeting the movie industry’s backbone from its own backyard may sound bold, but his San Diego-based company has an impressive resume: converting some of the top-grossing movies of all time, including “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Transformers,” into 3D.

“I want to give the studios an incentive to do business in San Diego where the proximity to movie production is more convenient for the filmmakers,” Sandrew said.

Sandrew met with Mayor Jerry Sanders on March 1 about setting up an economic zone to attract 5,000 visual effects jobs from Hollywood"

Rob note:
I hope this works out, San Diego is an AWESOME city.


There’s just something so wrong about trying to attract workers who sit in dark offices for 10 to 14 hours a day to a city that has probably the best weather in the country. :curious:


Well hey we do the same thing in LA here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno though, that 2-3 hour drive between is still a drive between.

I have friends doing stuff in SD (At Legend even) but aside from being easier to get to Comic-Con (which needs to leave SD), I just can’t see that big of a shift down there, especially because I doubt it’s any cheaper to live there.

They will have to come up with some big incentives.


Yeah, but that’s just legacy. LA has always been the capital of entertainment production, so it just carried over to digital. I always thought SD had nicer weather than LA. It’s smaller and closer to the beach but without all the mountains to trap the smog. Plus, the water is almost Mexico-warm, as opposed to the frigid LA water. But SD has always had somewhat of an identity problem. It doesn’t have a cool skyline, or very remarkable or historical architecture. But yeah, just as costly there as LA, so not much incentive to go there.


I would welcome this opportunity :slight_smile:



Agreed! San Diego is an amazing place to live, the weather, city, beaches just cant be beat! I totally would welcome any new opportunity to have any vfx work in San Diego. Cost of living is not same as LA, I’ve seen places downtown that are better priced than any location within Santa Monica, North Hollywood, SilverLake, etc…I hope it does happen because I will be one of the first to apply!


Interesting. I’ve been thinking about a career shift and the new location will be really close to my house. Does anyone know how much a Stereo Compositor makes a year?


Does San Diego have snow?


Nope. There are some mountains about 2 hours away that have some fun ski slopes.


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