Samurai's Rage Attack


Created with 3ds max 6 and Photoshop 7. Comments are welcomed. Hope you like it…

Making Of:’s%20Rage%20Attack%20-%20Making%20Of.jpg


that’s really awesome, but the guy looks too white

make his eyes smaller and his face with more paleness/roughlessness and it will be elite =D


I cant quite put my finger on it, but there’s something not right about the outline of the body. It doesnt seem to blend in well with the rest of the scene. Perhaps the lightning is a little off, or it might just be the way I’m looking at it. Anyway, it looks very nice. The blur creates a very nice effect.


Problems I see. The character looms as if he is floating. His rage attack doesn’t look like it has any force behind it. To display the power in his attack a stromng action pose is required. To achieve a strong action pose, you need a strong line of action. It’s not to say that your work is bad, however the pose you show in your ‘making of’ picture is stronger than the one here in my opinion. Think of your character in silhouette. His current one makes it look like he is squatting.


^^^^yeah i agree it needs a stronger line of action for a more dramatic pose, preferably a pose that Illustrates a better scence of weight beging focused through the sword


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