Samurai Concpet- Butterfly, Cole Eastburn Cole Eastburn (2D)


Title: Samurai Concpet- Butterfly
Name: Cole Eastburn Cole Eastburn
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

This is a conceptual of a samurai called the butterfly. I gave her 6 swords for the six legs of a butterfly and two big flags to act as wings. About 15 hours. Photoshop and painter. Any crits are most welcome and appreciated.


Great character, beautifully lit and painted. :thumbsup:


Thank you very much Bell. I really appreciate the compliment.


Sweet character design! I definitely like the armor.

I wonder how she draws all six haha :stuck_out_tongue:


the idea of siw swords like butterfly legs are interessting! the desing and the coloring is wonderful! a lot of work indeed, but that’s really good! five stars for me =)


You did a really good job on the perspective of those swords.

I’m a little more concerned about the way the hair is flowing, especially over the face.
Also, why just an abstract background? I think it would work much better with an eqully faded realistic BG.


Thank you. I really appreciate the compliments and im glad everyone is liking the character. In response to what Killer Instinct said…(which is a badass name, and awesome video game) I think you’re right on both counts. I really didnt have time to paint a realistic backdrop like I wanted to. And I basically just through in the hair to get it done and move onto the next painting I needed to finish. I like painting nice backgrounds when I have to time to, but I really want to be a character designer, so to me the characters always come first.

Thanks for the crits Killer. Much appreciated.


Thanks for the compliment, but its actually the nickname of Doug Gilmour, my favourite hockey player :stuck_out_tongue:
And I’m glad you saw the same things I did, are you going to come back to this one at some point?


hmm, i like the backdrop, some nice brush work there, even if it’s just a quick way to finish the picture. This could go both ways, it could be a full-blown painting (where yes, a scene would be nice) or a character concept, and for a character study, it’s great as it is.
My only small issue is the secondary light, which i think is a little too strong and too purple. It shines so bright on the character, but then there are no such highlights on the grass. Dimming it might help balance it out.

Anyway, great job! :slight_smile:


fantastic character design!


I think you are quite right melo. That secondary light is way to bright, it competes to much with the key light. Good call. And thanks for bringing that to my attention.


beautiful work~:thumbsup:


welldone mate.i like ur samurai concept:)been to ur gallery and i must say ur works are awesome!


Thank you very much Michael. And thanks for the network request.


Hey … That’s a lovely artwork I had missed out …
Great details and textures … :eek:


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