Samsung Galaxy S9 and VR - questions


…It seems from a cursory glance at the VR landscape, that the only reasonable option to experience, and get into authoring VR at the moment, is… GearVR.
The Galaxy S9 and S9+, (which launch today), the higher end one will have 8 Gigs RAM, if I’m right. And the DeX dock which makes it a computer, so you can author VR on it.
So, my questions are:

  1. Is 8 Gigs enough to run Unreal Engine on the thing? I don’t just mean startup and show me a splash screen or something, I mean - actually get stuff DONE in it, ie. it must be smooth enough to give wings to my creativity…?
  2. Is it possible to author VR in Blender? Like, the game engine? If so, how well does this option stack up against the others? Hard/easy to learn? Capable/incapable? Resource hog/Not resource hog?
    and 3) Small question - how does one make MONEY from VR pieces? :)Is there a Youtube for VR or something??
    Thanks for your help.


Does the unreal editor work on android? I dont think so
Also never heared of blender running on it, but its open source so maybe its out there…


Make something people are willing to pay for?


Uhh no - this phone will run Linux! Read this:


Btw, it wasn’t 8 Gigs, it was 6! :frowning:


out of curiosity, once you have linux running on it what do you plan doing with it?


Even if you get it running I’m skeptical you’ll be able to do much of anything with 6gb, smartphone CPU and no GPU in Unreal/Unity - VR or no VR.

Things may change in an update or two because of EEVEE, but right now the Blender game engine is not really something anyone seems to use and hasn’t been updated in quite a few years. You’ll want to be using a dedicated game engine, use Blender for modeling/animation.


Run Blender and UE if I can, as I said above…? ( I don’t even HAVE the phone right now, I have vague plans of buying it or a Note, depending on whether I can author VR on it…)


And why would you run it on the phone? While its much easier to just run it on a pc or laptop?


Because I have to get the phone to EXPERIENCE VR, and there’s no way I’m buying it AND a kickass PC due to lack of Cash!


as what unaccompanieddminor said, the specs are too low for you to accomplish much on that, i doubt UE4 will even install due to the hardware it requires to run on. I had a 24core 128gb workstation that would struggle with some VR stuff I was doing in UE4. You need an absolute massive amount of hard drive space - you will fill 128gb fairly quickly, you need to compile to android using plugins which im not sure would run even through a virtual host.

Im not saying it cannot be done, im just thinking out loud here - I would say purchasing the PC and Phone for VR testing would be the hassle free way to go, your going to come up against a lot of roadblocks. But saying that, im keen to hear what you come up with :slight_smile:

There is also cheaper ways to experience VR. I purchased a Google Cardboard VR headset for $15 and it arrived within 4 days. I was porting small tests to it the next day after reading a bit of the manual, installing all the plugins etc, theres much better ways to go about this using a standard smartphone, and some cheap tools if you really have to experience it


ACiD80 is asking you why you would make content on a phone instead of a PC and then testing on a phone. You don’t need to produce VR content in VR.

A Galaxy S9+ with the latest Gear VR headset runs near $1000 USD - that’s enough money to build a cheap VR capable PC ($600) and buy an Oculus Rift ($399).


This is a good idea.


OOO! Is that so!!! I always thought a VR PC would be a BOMB, like, many thousands of dollars,…latest GTX1080 and all… Thanks for the info and for correcting me, man!
What’s the min spec one needs for doing VR, vid card wise? And mobo and CPU-wise as well…?


Btw, I don’t think Oculus Rift is available in my country, though I’ll have to check. …and I’m not exactly Zuckerberg’s No. 1 fan either.


The minimum spec GPUs are GTX960/1060 and the AMD R9 480. Here’s an example of a build: bear in mind this is an oldish article (the GTX 1060 has been released since it was written) and component part prices fluctuate quite a bit, for example Nvidia cards have spiked in value lately because people are buying them for industrial bitcoin mining. Just do some research.

Unless you live in North Korea I think you should be able to order an Oculus pretty easily.


OK, I took a look - the price is nowhere NEAR that much around here for those specs :frowning: (It’s over $600 WITHOUT the video card). Thanks anyway… :slight_smile:

(and Oculus btw, is about $600 by itself! )


Depending on currency/tarrifs/postage costs these things can fluctuate a bit, but a lot of those things can be offset by purchasing through regional suppliers. You’ll have to figure it out, but either way a desktop will be a much better investment than a phone if you’re planning on doing anything serious with it since not only is it far more capable but also much cheaper to upgrade being modular.

Really? The Oculus is listed for 399 on Amazon.


Yes, really :slight_smile:

…but a phone would have the camera too, very importantly, cause making small movies is something right at the TOP of my mind (and the Galaxy S9+'s cameras are top-of-the-line, according to Samsung at least) - my movies would be a combination of live and CG - see, if I buy the phone then I can do live but not CG, and if I don’t and buy a PC instead, then I can do CG but not live… quite a quandary! :slight_smile:
…and all this is just a pipedream anyway, idea in my head and finished movie are 2 completely different things…for one thing - how the fuck does one get hold of actors?


Top of the line compared to what? I’m sure its nice compared to other built in cams in mobile phones and you can make lovely selfies for instagram/facebook with it… but that’s about it.
Cams in mobile phones are crap compared to ‘normal’ cams. Sure you can make a movie with then. You can even make a movie with a fisher price camera if you want… just don’t expect allot of quality and creative/production possibilities using them.
Looking at the focal alone you should already realize this…