SamsonsReaper Speedpaintings


Inspiration isn’t the problem - it’s technique - I wouldn’t even know how to paint like that - of course I have never tried either.

And why on earth would there be tutorials on concept art? It’s… unifinished art, just meant to sketch out something in a basic way so you can finish it later, usually in another medium and/or resolution.

What I’m saying is that the confident brush strokes are what I lack. Since I’ve been doing this way less than a year (and I mean, from stick figures…) I just don’t have the confident drawing ability to just toss down strokes… and I envy that.

It’s all practice I’m sure - but it sure looks nice from the n00b side of things :slight_smile:


watched “v for vendetta” got inspirrered



omg evil santa :argh: …great luminosity though. Keep posting!


This is amazing stuff, so much speed and liveliness in it! Do you plan to develop any of these in the future? And I agree with LM on the confident strokes; did you have any professional training or is this just the results of loads of practice? (and practice on what - grayscale? landscapes? figures? anatomy? etc.) Just wanting to know, as a beginner, how you got to this point. BTW the V for Vendetta one is my favourite, I like all the spanish passionate reds:).


Maladie:thanks, There is a few that i choose to develope further once in a while but none of these though.

Its all practice , with help from movies, cartoons, artists,landscapes,figures,poses,movements. I like to work with colors so its not so much greyscale.


See, that’s why this style is so cool, because not one line is wasted, it’s there for a reason. I wouldn’t be able to do anything like it in a million years.
This is killer stuff, man! Big fat thumbs up:thumbsup:!

BTW, love that colosseum pic, building looks so big and deep, and i like the colours in the first one on this page.


really good stuff in here :smiley:

my favs are #2, #4 & #14

nagyon jo ( however you write that:) )

beszélek egy pizit, de nem tudok irni :sad:


Vahn: ah kösz :slight_smile: gondoltam hogy tudsz magyart :thumbsup:

And here is a speedie i will develop further , posting a wip later, join in on the progress :slight_smile:



I really like the guy in the front and the colorscheme. Not so much the bg tough … cant get friendly with those big wires in the center …they take too much attention. looking forward to how you develop this :thumbsup:




jeez…great work, levi. excellent value structures all round, but those highlights on the last one sell it to me. spectucularly sharp textures, too. are you working at a high res to get them that tight?


been busy this is what i could manage to create , not much inspiration



Going great man! Just wanted to leave a cheer! :scream:


jm:hehe thanks man :bounce:


Wow… this is really amazing!!!
You said that you get inspired by “great artists” and “masters” and I’m getting inspired by you ;), cause you are same for me…
So many thoughts and stuff :S, but I guess I will never, ever be able to draw any of those…
Do you think there’s a chance for a really newcomer with “not that much ( :slight_smile: )” talent to become THAT good? Or even 1/4 of it?


Uchiha Itachi:Wow thats really nice, thanks alot, and hey yes you can develop all it takes it endless practice.Dont forget to have fun along the way, thats most important.