SamsonsReaper Speedpaintings


Great composition and great color “touch” but I find the prev one more interesting, especially for the use of diagonals. :thumbsup:


thanks :slight_smile:

more arctic



gorgeous :slight_smile:


Yes…but…where are all the BEAUTIFUL characters you sketched ?

I want them in colorrrr ;cry;


serena:yes patience my friend, it will come :slight_smile:


Hey! Someone probably asked you this before, but since this thread is reaching enormous proportions, I hope you’ll pardon me: how do you create those perfect shapes - circles, elipses, lines etc? Do you simply use the marquee tools in Photoshop, or do you have some secret technique? My shapes get all wobbly :frowning:

And as always: awesome speedpaints - you’re such an inspiration!


Awesome work man. Keep em commin!


thanks :slight_smile:

Gmax:hehe thanks,forthe bigger shapes i use the markee, other i use the hardedgedbrush. For some shapes its more effective creating a custom brush. The chain for instance.


Thanks for sharing your wisdom, O master of speedpaints and all things good :slight_smile:


Whaaaa, beautiful image SR :slight_smile:


Great double focus! My eye stays perfectly in the pic. Bello !


lol thanks all

and here low and behold an actual WIP, thought about giving my speeds a small break


The face seems a venice mask ! I love the perspective on the arm.


allright i give up, just one more speedpaint haha


Nice latest but keep going with the WIP!! It’s so promising! :slight_smile:


Great to see a more detailed subject !


more on the WIP


hey levi :slight_smile:

i somehow missed your thread, heh maybe thats because i only looked in the anatomy thread for a whole while.

nice progress on your wip here, but ive got some assumptions to make. her right hand is a tad too big i think. there is something else but i need to think about it first and get me something to eat now to be able to do that :wink:



thx lyanna, yeah i know, i will work that

now, dsg image, hurry hurry , 55mins


dsg entry for boudica

1h 30