SamsonsReaper Speedpaintings


Great to see a more detailed subject !


more on the WIP


hey levi :slight_smile:

i somehow missed your thread, heh maybe thats because i only looked in the anatomy thread for a whole while.

nice progress on your wip here, but ive got some assumptions to make. her right hand is a tad too big i think. there is something else but i need to think about it first and get me something to eat now to be able to do that :wink:



thx lyanna, yeah i know, i will work that

now, dsg image, hurry hurry , 55mins


dsg entry for boudica

1h 30



You have some great stuff. Great sense of lighting and shade. Excellent use of color and strong compostion through your pieces. Would be nice though to see you work the background elements more in the pieces that have a character in the foreground.
Great work!


Man, every piece is stunning.
The lighting, colors and comps are all amazing.


Great stuff as always, but I’m not sure how well the light/shadow effect reads the character’s anatomy in the last piece. The hightlight on her belly and chest just seems a little too random. But the colour palette is simply amazing!


It has been quite a pleasure going through your sketch thread :slight_smile: I’ll have to keep checking for updates , beautiful work


thank you everyone

trying some brushes, 2-3h


Ummm, I think you should keep those brushes :slight_smile: Wonderful piece…one of my favorite of yours.


yup i agree with dh, one of your best :smiley: :thumbsup:


I think that too.
This last piece has got a beautiful balance. I find it both interesting and relaxing. Don’t know how to explain.


thanks :slight_smile:

i am making some new brushes,trying them out


<<< Good one SR ill group with others and say that the last ones are great …dunno if its the brushes but they have become rather emotional and moody…i really like the last one especially how the hot air comig out from the guards mouth is creating mood and emotion…cold and wet jet not so depressig…:thumbsup: anyways just wanted to say that befor u had great disdinct style…now its becoming emotional too wich is a great thing…:thumbsup:


arlekin :thanks :slight_smile:


Sheez, man! You should have a warning sign preparing people of the awesomeness that lies ahead. Breathtaking and jawdropping :slight_smile:


thanks Gmax