SamsonsReaper Speedpaintings


Portfolio speedies,i keep posting as i go.








wicked paintings samsonsreaper (especially the second one)!! so glad you decided to start a thread for them. i admire your style very much - really tight work…your handling of light and texture is really effective. Hoping to see more!

(By the way your WIP thread link is broken…)


Thanks audit!, been watching your speedthread too keep em coming :thumbsup:


Damn swedes, always better at painting… :arteest:

Awesome… Tight and good lighting and mood. Love this sort of imagery.


jmBoekestein: lol thanks …, except i am hungarian :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, well your cgtalk profile thingy says you’re from sweden. Heheh…

I think the interior you posted yesterday, and the seaside one are the best ones of the lot. I find that the attention to just light behavior adds way more than shapes etc. An eyeopener for me, because I want to carve out volumes when I do my stuff. I should try otherwise… :slight_smile:

I’s gonna be watchin’



jmBoekestein: ah glad you like them, í´ll keep posting speeds everyotherday so tune in :slight_smile:



Wow I could learn a lot from you – your attention to light and form is amazing - truly beautiful. I’m totally subscribing - would love to hear a little bit about how you do some of this and maybe how you learned?


LabyrinthineMind: ah thanks alot , yeah sure i might post some process pics of my speeds. In the meantime you can check out my WIP


Wow - nice WIP - your ability at textures blows my mind, the background trees/cliffs looked unbelievable. I agreed with some of the crits given on the final piece about the people in the piece, but even then - I like your concept.

Can’t wait to see more finished works! :slight_smile:


LabyrinthineMind: thanks :slight_smile:


^^ I’m so jealous. I just haven’t any CLUE how to do that cool, confident, concept art style.

I wish I did… maybe I could do all the crap that’s rattling around my head if I could!


tutorials, fellow great artists, old masters, movies, photography are some of my inspirations