Sampling Info node question


I came from softimage background. THeir incidence node is so powerful which I wish maya has it. Most people suggest the sampling info node but it doesn’t do exactly what I am looking for.

The incidence node in softimage can scan across 360 degree but sampling info can’t. For example. If I put it in surface to camera mode. It will react like what sampling info facing angle attribute. But when I offset its vertex to face not 90 degree towards the camera. it will still fall off to the back of the object.

For sampler info I tried using normal camera output and port it to a vector product to offset it. the fall off stops at 180 degree instead of 360 degree. Is there a way to come by this


Sorry misinterpret your question, let me try again.


Would a remap color produce what you’re looking for?


There is an incidence shader available here.


Thank you guys. Yap the remap colour works. However instead of putting right after the sampler info I put it after vector product because I m using negative value in the vector product. If I put before it. remapcolour will force positive value which limits it. And I got it to work now. So happy. Thanks both of you.