samples problem ?


hi, i´ve been getting this strange artifacts and i don´t know how to correct them:

rendering with MentalRay a simple scene with only 2 shaders: 1 basic lambert (with dirtmap on the diffuse) and 1 basic blinn ( i also tried phong).

maya render (production quality)

MentalRay (samples: 1-3 Box 1.0 1.0)

MetalRay (samples: 1-3 Lanczos 4.0 4.0)

If it ever hapened to you or if you know what it is… please help me :).



it´s realy stupid, i just found out why this was hapening. i was using maya area lights inside the garage… don´t know why but they just don´t work right with mentalRay…

thanks anyway.


So when you got rid of the area light…that fixed the problem??

I have had a similar problem as you with getting those nasty black spots on my mental ray renders. (See this link Everyone tells me its because of corrupted lights, but rebuilding my light set does not make them go away. I do have an area light in my scene…so I might try deleting it like you did and see if that makes any difference. I sure hope so. This bug in Maya 6 make MR virtually unusable for me.


yes, the Maya area lights where definetly the problem, deleting the Maya area lights fixed the problem, i´ve managed to achive the same efect of he Maya area lights without the artfacts by using a simple point light and in the metalRay option converted it to an MR arealight.


hi Romeu,

Thank god you had this pob sonner than I!! I´m getting the same errors and I wouldn´t figure it out, cos, you could use Maya Area Lights with MR in May 5.0.1 without any problem…
It seams like a Maya 6 issue…
If you remember i use it a lot in “Metro do Porto”,and it rendered perfectly. It´s a pitty, as the mr area light are quite better, but take much more time to render.
Well, at least now i know why the black dots…



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