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SAMI GRAPHIC[/b] is a rapidly growing Outsourcing and Games Development company since early 2010. It specializes in the production of Illustrations, Icons, Concept Art, 3D Modelling and 3D Animation. It also offers Programming Services as well as Co-Development.

If you working on something like Clash Of Clans and you need unique art? No problem, we can create it for you!
Thinking on new Match 3 game and already have idea? We can draw for you absolutely wonderful elements in any style.
Slot machines? You are right! Our team have experience with this also.
Cartoon characters, fantasy characters, unbelievable illustrations, backgrounds and full interface for your game will be created in our studio.

Our team are proud what we took part in creation of such amazing projects like:
Gaijin: War Thunder
Ateam: War Of Legions
KANO/APPS: Zombie Slayer
KITERETSU Inc: Zookeper
HiTech Creations: Aces High

Our numerous art works and awards speak louder than words.
Check it out, and hit the button to contact us now!

2D Art
[li]Concept art
[/li][li]Cover artwork
[/li][li]UI-design and creation

3D Creation
[/li][li]Indoor & outdoor environments
[/li][li]High resolution 3D assets
[/li][li]Highly optimized UV layout

Programming Services:
[/li][li]Programming for platforms: iOS, android, win, linux, mac, blackberry, windows, phone 8

[li]Game design
[/li][li]Art Direction
[/li][li]Production pipeline planing

[li]Traditional 3D animation
[/li][li]Production ready rig setup and skinning
[/li][li]Handling of motion capture data

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