:sad: This is my first WIP of animation, I am trying to show the Brazilian Samba
in digital animation, it is not easy, it is a dance of many leg movements and
waist with the head practically in the same axis. Even with my limitations
I will develop in this work and I want the critics and it helps of all.
I am making this work in 3DMAX5.1, animation in Caracter Studio4,
textures in Photoshop7.0 and composition in After Effects6.0 ;
render scanline, raytrace ligth.

Pardon for terrible English

Samba WIP_01is the video in DivX 5.1.1


wow it is amazing!! i lik it a lot! the render is beautiful :applause:
keep it up !


It’s short but it’s really good !! The modelling is well doneand the animation part seemsto be really realistic.

I live in France and I haven’t the possibility to see dancing girl like this one everyday :slight_smile:
Keep your good work


hot ass :slight_smile:
realistic moves
what was the rendertime? And do you have a lot of cpu-power?


:sad: My configuration of machine non good, is basic!
CPU: AthlonXP 3.0(barton)
Video: Radeon 256:eek:


nice job, the hands seem a bit too boxy right now, our hands are like a shovel really, especially in the palm area. And the animation definetly feels rough, needs a bit more soft interpolation I believe. Otherwise very nice job


:sad: I made corrections in the positioning of BIPED of CS. There are a lot of limitations of CS for that animation type. I should make a RIG for the hands with bones. do you understand? :sad:

Pardon for terrible English!:shrug:


hey mr.strong
that was an amazing piece of anatomy and modelling and texturing… really cool… i cudnt c the avi but i feel it’ll be amazing… which s/w did u use? well, keep up the gud work… lets c more of ur work coming up


I know you posted this in the animation wip…but would you mind showing how you setup the bones for the shoulders? I’ve always wanted to see a rig with, what I’m assuming, is stretchy bones especially around that problem area. And I sympathize, with you for the use of Character Studio, it takes time to get good with it, but at least it comes with some extremely handy tools.


Legal, olhei tuas propagandas na 3d online do brasil e vim dar uma olhada, tá ficando legal, bem parecida com a globeleza da globo. :thumbsup:

nice, i´v found your links to here on the 3donline Brazilian site and came to look. It´s a very good work that you are making. it´s too close to the globeleza, from de Globo TV.

ps.: sorry my basd english, i´m brazilian and don´t speak english very well. :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: Thank you very much for the critics friends of all the planet 3D.
with help of you I hope to get better more and more.

:rolleyes: Now, speaking about WIP, I made some adjustment and corrections in envelopes and tendons
in Physique of CS. With difficulties they see that the work is getting better.
See the evolution below in the image, in WIP_animation02. In this movie, see some tests of facial expression and movement of hands.

See render of this image in high resolution(nude Version) - MentalRay My english:eek:


nice job!
ta ficando muito legal cara, o shader gostei muito…


congratulations STROOOOONNNNGGGG

realy crazy, modeling, shaders and… all

Os Brazukas são ralados…
Vc fez tudo sozinho???
Parabéns… cara…
Quanto tempo no projeto…
Gostei pacas da solução entre os dedos… na modelagem…


:shrug: Globeleza? I am very far away from the quality and professionalism of Seaglus Flay.
Only I with a lot of difficulty am going making a content work Brazil. (God! that strange English). I expect the help of all!:beer:


:wip: This is the last stage of this WIP with Caracter Studio.
Starting from the next stage I will begin a RIG with bones and skin.:banghead:


Hey Thats awesome man! Don’t worry aboutyour english - we understand you.

Great rigging. It looks like you added bones to the standard CS biped. Are they wired somehow or just attached?


:sad: These bones were integrated into the Biped with Position and LookAt Contraints for us to generate links for envelopes of Physique CS, but…they appeared undesirable links and I had to exclude them.:rolleyes:

:slight_smile: It follows an imagen below it tests of the mulata with shine metallic paint (noise) on painting in the skin.


Hi, 3D STRONG. It’s looking impressive! and this custom biped is cool.:drool:
My only suggestion is that the inside in the root of the foot is kinda stand out.(My model has the same problem, and teach the method of settlement, please.)


i think the animation is a good start, the motion at this stage is alittle too sharp. even with sharp movement in reality there is always a “rounded edge” we could say right now as she shakes her hips and other little things the movements start and stop too rigidly.

keep going


Hi, 3D STRONG.:cool:

I wanted to ask you about the transformation of the root of the thigh.
Eu quis perguntar-lhe sobre a transformacao da raiz do thigh.

I want to correct this. What do you think?
Eu quero corrigir este. Que voce pensa?