Sam Matthews (ConceptSam95) Sketchbook Thread !


Hey Everyone!! This is where I will be posting some of my works and sketches and generally Work in progress pieces of work that I would like to share with you all.

I would love it to recieve any comments, critiques or feedback on pieces whether they are finished or not so that I can grow more and learn from my mistakes!

Thank’s so much everyone for stopping by! Lets learn together YEAH!!!




A couple of things I was working on recently. I have been trying new things with my drawing and experimenting with different ways of concepting to find a process of designing characters that is both fast, enjoyable and yields good results. I don’t think I am there at all yet but these exercises were a step in the right direction I think. Also trying to impart alot more of what inspired me and got me into this industry when I was a kid into these drawings.


A character concept after finishing God of War! I really loved the game and I fell in love with the concept art for the game. It would be amazing to work for Sony Santa Monica. This was more of a mongol inspired dwarf! I like the idea that they aren’t too short and stumpy like the Dwarves seen in popular fantasy but more upright and taller than normal dwarves.


Just another experiment, trying to get back to what I enjoyed as a kid. Some kind of Probiscis Monkey traveller. I am at this wierd stage as an artist right now where I am kind of like an awkward teenager not really knowing what the hell I am doing. :stuck_out_tongue: lol