Salvador Dali - The Tour...


Hello people!
I’m new to poly-modelling (or just 3d modelling), and I guess it’s a huge mistake to take a “pro” project as a first attempt… but who know, maybe it’s easier than I think :slight_smile:

My goal is to model this picture of Dali, and then make an animation of a tour inside the picture…

original pic (for those who don’t know it):

And my WIP… (Really early… 5 minutes worth of work… I just need to basic poly-modeling tips if anyone have some):


this looks quite complex :eek:

erm, I’m a newbie too and I saw the Joan of Arc tutorial, that’s very usefull, look it up somewhere, some guy has it in his signature, it’ll be very helpfull!


here it is!


Thanks, fellow Waver :slight_smile:
I know that tutorial, though I never REALLY checked it out fully…
It does look complex… My first goal is to make the hand with the egg, and the naked character next to him, on the water.

If I’ll succeed, I’ll be extremely proud of myself :smiley:

It’s a pity I don’t have MUCH time to work on it…

But I’ll try to update a lot


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