Salsa Invertebraxa - drop, Moz Chops (2D)


Title: Salsa Invertebraxa - drop
Name: Moz Chops
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Painter

Excerpt scene from book project Salsa Invertebraxa (Pecksniff Press 2011). Executed in Corel Painter from a pencil study.

Synopsis -
Seen through the compound eyes of two invertebrate companions, Salsa Invertebraxa is a journey into a strange microverse of unearthly insects and flora. By day, flights of whimsy through gardens of terrestrial delights. By night, visions of hell. Nature plays its darkhands as the two kleptomaniacs, without apparent reason or motive, habitually attempt to steal eggs from monstrous parents who defend their offspring with deadly effect. The tranquillity of eden trembles with war and rage, where ever more bizarre creatures and behaviours emerge.


I like this work. Which brushes did you use? :slight_smile:


Great work! love it.


Hi Katea,
For backgrounds I first use a broad soft edge airbrush in Painter (with lots of bleed), then do a once over in certain areas with the airbrush in Photoshop, which doesn’t pick up colours like Painter but is better for establishing a soft out of focus look (which is often the case in macro shots of insects).
For the characters, I switch between a Painter airbrush, again with lots of bleed, (for example the blue underbelly) and a standard pallete knife, - you can see the blade marks most clearly on the leaf.

I like combining these two tools, between them they suggest detail and areas of softness or lumpiness, so i can drag the viewers eye around. And I’ve always like the effect of the pallette knife, its a really bold mark and for digital work I think its useful and satisfying to show the human mark clearly.


color :thumbsup: beautiful


I really like your work)) This image is beautiful)


Hahaha! I love it! It’s a battle scene amoung insects. The scene is very dynamic and (strangely) action-packed. The rearing of the catepillars are strange by comparison to more familiar scenes, but it’s a freakin catepillar, it can’t move like an armored horse with an armored rider. The colors and clean contours and lines give great life and detail to this piece and are very beautifully done. I like the strange appendages on the ends and heads of some of the insects. This is really cool. Keep it up. Great job!


Great work!
I love the concept and the design style.
The perspective mixed micro viewpoint and epic,really brilliant!


Amazing stuff, love the color usage, very vibrant and awesome design!



Great job :thumbsup: Congratulations


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