Sakura, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: Sakura
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

modeled in 3dsmax,rendered with finalrender with lots of post in Photoshop .all the parts were modeled several months ago but only over the past weekend did I get around to making the image.

thanks for viewing and any comments!


What can I say, man? Everything you post kicks ass. I almost hesitate to plug this because you’ve been on the front page so much it almost seems unfair :smiley: But at the end of the day, excellence should be rewarded so here’s another plug for you.

I really love the composition of the image and the contrasting warm and cool tones. I always like the way your details in your images seem to lessen further away from the camera - it’s a feature that many people tend to overlook in their work, and it really helps with keeping focus in the composition. I also like the way this image really straddles realism and illustrative style.


5* just great!


dom i love this mood !

awsome job

best regards :slight_smile:



Fenomenal !

So this is how the real talent work look a like … 5*


another great work from Stefan. impressive detail as usual.
5 stars from me too


I would say great work as always… but this time its even better. Well done :slight_smile:


Beautifull ! One thing: the blue/grey tiles on the hanging roof are too clean/regular; cover them with some moss or birdshit and randomize rotation a bit and you’re done :wink:


wow ,thanks Leigh!..plugged again :buttrock: …I totaly agree about the importance of atmospherics,especialy in an image like this with so much going on…its a fine line between chaotic mess & pleasing on the eye,thanks again

TRick…good point on the tiles,

heres a few extra images…ao,wires etc

this ones a bit too wide to post here

the Cherry blossom doesnt hold up too well in close ups

Wires:the main scene was about 250k,which I then instanced up to 4 million,


WOW! Amazing work. Really nice render too. Must of had fun uv mapping and texturing this one. Could you post the texture map by any chance?


Ok,… Im officaly a fan now! Actually… that’s a lie, I have been a fan of yours for a while now. If anyone from Gnomon Workshop is looking at this get this guy to do a training DVD. Outstanding work. Gadzooks


That’s cool ! I had a look at your gallery and all your pics have great feeling

my only critic would be that narrow AO pass gave image abit of toon/ink effect


Just saw the thumbnail in the header and knew it was a Morell.

Me likes. Great lighting.


Respect !!!
Truly your fan


Top notch work as always!


Fantastic work as always and very inspiring. The towering ‘blocked’ cities seems to be a recurring theme in your work. Do you use bits and bobs from old scenes or rebuild everytime? And do you use any sort of script to create the city blocks?

Beautiful colours and atmosphere, well done!


Awesome!How many polygons in the scene bro??
Congratz,10 stars OMG =)


oh lookie!!..another image for my inspirational folder…as said before, yourStuff always kicksA$$…thx!!



beautiful render :thumbsup:


Superb! The pallet reminds me of the Japanese background art done in watercolors or gouache.