Saint George vs The Sky Dragon


Hey fellas, this started as a speed painting of some mountains, and turned into this. Anyway, crits welcome! Just for the record, his left foot is indeed in water. :stuck_out_tongue:

Full rez crops:

Crits and comments are always welcomed warmly, although I’m probably not gonna make any major changes unless there’s something really wrong. :wink:


Coosy picture… Love it! :smiley: :love:


i like the picture , could use some more detail though


You totally nailed the visual imagery that I got when reading some of the old stories of knights vs. dragons. I like the greenish/blue color of the sky, but think you should make the mountains a bit of a darker color as now the sky mountain range on the righthand side of the pic seems to not blend very well.


Looks great, there’s a really nice feel to it all, the dragons head looks perhaps a little too light, and maybe the water too opaque, in the full rez image of George there’s no sign of his foot in the water, only the reflection, even in muddy water I would (maybe) expect to see it there. By partially painting in his foot the water may appear less thick.

The perspective also looks a tad odd, maybe it’s just the thin stream throwing it off. It makes the hilly area look artificially large. Unless that’s what you wanted of course.

Anyway, nice one.


Heya! Awesome crits and comments.

CGMonkey - thanks

Nimue - Thanks, but more detail! I don’t have that kind of free time :]

mattregnier - Ah! That’s the best crit I got, and now I think I mostly fixed it. I also fixed his left foot being completely hidden - now his legs are more evenly lengthed.

tvtuna - gracias, me fixum the foot :]

On the whole, this image is something out of a child’s fantasy. I wasn’t concerned about everything being perfectly realistic, or congruent. I wanted to leave an impression, and give a sort of mystical feel to the color and lighting, etc. Hopefully it has that effect with some people. :slight_smile:


Hey fellas, I fixed a whole bunch of issues people had, and the changes should be reflected in the top image and closeups. It should read much more clearly now. And to boot, here’s a closer “book cover” crop to see how a tighter composition might look. I like it better I think. What do you guys think?

Thanks! :beer:


its looking good, i really like the dragon in there. very nice work


really good work…if you would work on it towards a book cover imho it could use a more ‘crowded composition’ …or maybe i’m just reading too much therry pratchett book swith their nearly overcrowded book covers


thats awesome cant wait to see it in 3d :wink:


Hehe, that’s the trouble with being a 2d and 3d artist - if I do something in 3d, they want to see the concepts, and if I do a painting, they want me to make it 3d! :beer: Seriously though, thanks a bunch, I’m glad you enjoyed the image. Maybe I can submit it to Expose along with my Fairy. Hopefully one or the other will get in. :slight_smile:


great dragon! is it a ghost or is it the weather?


Anthony! exactly man, looks great now, there’s a good, sharp contrast between the sky and the mountains. I liked the idea of a book cover that someone else mentioned. You should totally send this off for the expose art book that cgtalk is making now! I’m sure it could make the cut :smiley:


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