sailing the forgotten sea


Hello guys
For me, the power in Yerka art, lies in the tension between his peaceful competitions, to the certain discomfort feeling that hides beneath his symbols.
In my piece I tried to test this principals using the concept of a long gone sea.
hope you enjoy this- for me it was a wonderful ride
Good luck to you all- grate pieces around
Lior Arditi


Very skillfully done. You have hit the nail on the head about the lies in the tension between his peaceful competitions and discomfort…I missed this out in my art work!


Nice work!
Good luck


This is really good, one of the best IMO


This is one of my favourites… really nicely done!


Nice. I would live there. but try and fix up the yard if I Did :wink:


You have very nice work here. Submarine is just great! Good luck!


Good colour palette and contrast here, I also like the little buildings and details, they remind me a bit of Escher for some reason, maybe that’s to do with the perspective.

Good work!


Really nice color combination…All the very best!


Nice use of color. You have created a desolate and desperate world, but very beautiful at the same time. Congratulations and good luck!


Thanks guys for your comments.
this piece started full of details. I planed the desert around to be planted with all kind of ships racks, old furniture, crabs-clock in the fg. but then I got to the old saying- “less is more”…
I figure the wide open horizon is a much better bg then a busy scene that might still all the attention out of the main issue of this painting.
The most important thing was the lesson I got while working on this piece, trying to crack Jeck Yerka style. it was very different then what I usually do, and I must say it opened a big door to another way of thinking, which I’m sure going to use in the future.
so no matter if this piece will win a prize or not, I gained my profit out of this challenge.
Good luck to you all- I was most impressed of the work around.:applause:


I keep coming back to this image. I think you made a good decision about the “less is more” idea. I really like, at least, a half dozen of the final entries… but if I were to hang this picture in my house, I wouldn’t tire of catching a glimpse of it daily. You perfectly placed (with depth and color) the islands/ships… and seem to pull some emotion out of something otherwise quite barren. I truly enjoy it.


Thank you so much Steve- you made my day (actually it’s a night over here). this is the best compliment an artist can ever get.


What Steve said.
It resonates emotionally for me too, and the architecture is so lovely!
Yeah, this one and the guy who won are my favorites.


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