Sage, Seo Yeon Su - Anaheim (3D)


Title: Sage
Name: Seo Yeon Su - Anaheim
Country: Korea, Rep. Of
Software: Maya

This is my first ‘private’ 3D work this year.
( I was busy because of hard works on my company )
The name of the girl is “Sage”.

I’ve used Maya 6.0 as my modelling tool, and rendered through Mental Ray.

I don’t mind hearing any critiques from any body.
Please talk free on my work.


Looks very sexy. I think you should increase sss and add more specularity to the skin. Make it more oily. Otherwise looks very very good.


Very nice. reminds me of Jessica Alba. Good modeling. :thumbsup:


Lovely model you got there Filo. Realy sexy, i like the pose as well. Maybe she could use a bit of variation in her skin color, like the inner side of the arms is usualy more light colored, but other than that no crits.
Keep it up!


I LOVE the face on this one - really unique and lifelike. Great hair too. Great body, great clothes - great everything! The only thing i can find that may need improving is the skin shader - its a bit matte at the moment - give it more shinyness. If you got the skin shader spot on, this would almost look photoreal!
Well done mate - any chance of a HUGE sized pic? i know the pic there enlarges, but i want bigger!


Fantastic job! Superb modeling.
Modeling a face with a lifelike expression is really hard, but you made it wonderfully.
Body modeling is also flawless.
I agree with the other comments here. With a more realistic skin shader, this would turn out soooo much better and realistic.
Great job :slight_smile:


Fantastic job! Superb modeling:thumbsup:


Nice job! But the skin looks a little like plastic though.


Nice modelling there but a bit lacking in the texture work…


i wonder what are all the korean made with!! 90% of the koreans can make good CGs


High resolution… thanks… ^^


High resolution… thanks


that’s it… :applause:


Nice modeling, love the face. :applause: She looks a bit like Britney Spears.
Have to agree with the others there’s a bit lacking in the texture work. Her skirt doesn’t seem to be made of fabric it’s a bit stiff like paper now. Other than that it’s perfect.


is this the real beauty world of cg…:eek: ?

agree with Tracer about the plastic look of her skin…


too beautiful!
model and texture are perfect!
:open_mouth: :thumbsup:


now thats what i call originality


just as a passing note… this isnt anything personal to mr. seo yeon su (who did a very good job on his sexy lady), but i suggest you take a look at the expose 2 awards section and see how many sexy girls you can find.


it is a very fine, very really, modelling… she has something very young, and fresh, which is very pleasant… but I don’t like at all the texturing, and the skirt; the skin seems very plastic toy, and has’nt any of the subtle differences in tones of the real skin… and the movement, and wrinkles, of the skirt, are unreal, ; it is impossible that a skirt, even in wind, does form like that!.. in my opinion, that little change goes for a perfect girl!..


thanks a lot for the big pic! Thats gonna be my new desktop!
I love the pose, and the colours too - one of my fave CG pics in years - its got so much life and character!

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