Sadness, yuehui Tang (2D)


Title: Sadness
Name: yuehui Tang
Country: China
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Sadness is a feeling that when there is no external factors, the loneliness will . Have a sad or even crying. The feeling is that I have a certain period of time alone Feeling.
This work introduces a detailed portrait of a close-up portrait faces and personalities of the Characterization. In shape, in color grasp on how to proceed. At the same time on a painting
Face to create the atmosphere.


I am somehow facinated by your work. I love it so much…
Your are an artist, I have absolutely nothing to say!


Your work is simply amazing. So much detail and lively.
Words are futile to describe your talent and never enough.
Keep them coming. Great Work.


Hi~Yuehui, you have a new works, excellent as usual ! congrats!!


OMG! This is beyond words. Amazing skills! :eek:


just too much! :buttrock:
5* and keep up the good work! cheers!!


Oh… love to see it,this is master work,excellent!


Just wow!
amazing quality!


Wow a true master you are!

I just wish I knew how to do those dedicate details like you did… it’s blowing my mind! No critiques here!

I usually dislike leaving a short comment and vote with stars instead, but since there’s no way to vote, I’ll just say how much I like your work and vote “I love it” option!

Keep it up!


great painting, great sad mood




No words :applause:


That´s sooo beautiful! 5 stars = “Love it”



beautiful painting!


perfect image!


Incredibly detailed work. I must say your paintings are fascinating to watch. This is no exception. However, one of the focal points in this painting are eyes and they are dead flat! It would be a shame to ignore this and leave them as they are. Give them a bit liveliness by adding some glossiness or water reflection in the irises. Even some of the water droplets could use a bit more contrast.
This is a great painting and I hope you take this as constructive criticism.


Great work with the face (eyelashes were a little stiff though). Nice work with the skin tone and texture and the watery environment she was in. I really liked the use of greens of the grasses, lighting, and water. Very nice effect. Great job.


pass me the smelling salt, cuz i just fainted.

i love it


Nice work.I like it.


Very beautiful man! Amazing work!!!

Miguel Couto