Sad Street, Cetin Tuker (3D)


Very nice composition, textures, lighting and overal atmosphere. I don’t think its sad, but it doesn’t have to. Keep it up!


Çetin hoca. :thumbsup:

Excellent work my friend. Really top notch texturing job you got there. I loved the natural feel of it. Everything, bumps, cracks, scratches, gives the image a unique look. And thats very cool. :cool:

Congratulations. :slight_smile:


erlik - I don’t feel there’s a problem with the scale. I’m not familiar with old architecture in Croatia (or Turkey), but in Portugal is not unusual to see really high, irregular steps and doors of several sizes (and colors). My grandmother’s house, for instance, had the door on an old street level, so people always had to duck to get in, and a child could actually jump to touch the first tiles of the roof!!

mrsteed - Great stuff!! :drool: Pictures like this are one of the reasons I love 3D :thumbsup: ! You totaly succeded in getting the right atmosphere. You said you were going to modify the bricks a little - probably a good idea because they still don’t seem “sunk” enough into the wall. Finally, of course, great pavement - it was displacement, right?:stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. Displacement.

First I screen capture the plan of the floor. And I paste it on the PS. I modified my floor texture so that the rocks will not cut by the walls and the holes on the floor.
After this I re paint the rocks and the mortar area between them to build a displacement texture.

Another layer is the standart bump layer. And the last layer is the diffuse layer.

All after this process, I made minor corrections on corners on the mesh itself. It took about 10-15 hrs to complete floor. I am a bit slow. :rolleyes:


Well the time you spent on the ground paid off, I can’t stop staring at those rocks, they are absolutely flawless.

Excellent work!!


That’s a very nice composition, very well lit too. I love the warm atmophere given by these natural tones. Great pic man ! :slight_smile:


the image brings some sort of nostalgic feeling , very pleasing image, but the drainage grills and some chipped off walls looks artificial ,but apart from that very good works , nice color composition of textures,good luck.


Wow… excellent textures you painted. IF… IF… there was anything to critique … I’d say the ground is too clean. Even a floor inside isn’t that clean…much less outdoors. Some dirt, some little polygon pieces of debris or something… then it’d be perfect.


this is nice i like your picture:thumbsup:


abi süper çalışma olmuş , tebrikler !

Nice work ! its very cool go on :1


abi tek kelimeyle harika…:buttrock:

ellerine sağlık.130 saat dayanılır gibi diil ama sabırlıymışsın yani…:slight_smile:
çalışmanla ilgili tek söyleyebileceğim (eminin sende farkındasındır) kemerin sağ duvarla birleştiği yerdeki keskilik. ama çokta rahatsız etmiyo. hem ne demişler… O kadarı kadı kızında da olurmuş…:slight_smile:

tekrar tebrikler …:applause:


its a very good job… impressive composition and textures… congrats…

tebrikler çok güzel bir çalýþma… sevgiler.


twinkle twinkle baby, TWINKLE TWINKLE!


wonderful colours! great point-of-view, nice textures too…


Wow! Awesome textures, you definitely have plenty of patience or is it dedication??? :smiley: Maybe it’s both!! Great job, I’m definitely looking forward to viewing a wire.


nice dude, beautiful composition… very nice!


Great work! I really do like to see the wireframe of this shot though.

Otherwise, I dont have a bad thing to say.


Wow, I like the colors, textures. Cool view, but i wonder why u suggested the name ’ Sad Street’, I always love to live in such kind of places :slight_smile:

Great Work :thumbsup:


Hello again,
I have prepared the wires, gray-solid, before and after photoshop (someone said he did not believed this can be rendered by a 3d package) and details of floor texture.

The render engine is built in Mental Ray renderer of 3d MAX 7. All textures are hand painted with the help of photographic references. Except floor texture was a photograph but it was highly modified to fit on my particular floor plan. I re arrange the stones so that none of them are cut by the walls, stairs or rain outlet holes (what ever it called in english) on the floor.

Enjoy :buttrock:


Oh, I get it now. :applause: