Sad Street, Cetin Tuker (3D)


Eyvallah Aslan’ım :slight_smile: :bounce:

There is no fault in scale. The larger steps on the right are not to clımb up. They are for sitting or putting flower pots on them. And also bricks are not off scale. In Turkey old bricks are 9 cm thick. So there is not a scale problem.

I will put wires soon.


lovely sympathetic scene and excellent work.


Nice job,good textures (nasil yapiyorsunuz kaplamaları akil sir erdiremiyorum.)
Did you use scanline renderer as always or G.I. this time?


eleriya saglıh bobey…

ehe he hep boole millet kendi dilinde reply atardi kil olurdum, simdi sira bizde…

nice work keep it up (diyelim de annasin gavur evladi)…


Beautiful Work. Five Stars !!!


130hours, dam you’ve got some patience…


YOGURT tayfasına selamlar.

I will write about the texturing process in detail. Thats not too difficult but it realy takes time. I spent more than 80 hours to paint textures in this work.

I am very sorry that I forgot to mention my render engine.

this image is rendered in built in MENTAL RAY renderer of MAX7. It took 17.5 hours to render 3636x2424 pixels image. I have a HDRI map on environment and several omni lights where needed. Some of them has minus (-) strength.


I’m sorry to be carping on about this, but I’m talking about the four steps right in front of the doors, not about the big ones where the flowerpots are. Repeat the steps and you’ll see that six of them make the height of the door. An average step is 20-30 cm, so you get either 120 cm or 180 cm as the height of the door.

Then, there’s six bricks visible on the left. If you take those six bricks and repeat them, you get something like 18 bricks for the height of the door - 160 cm. And if you take 15 cm as the thickness of a brick, you get a door 270 cm high.

Please, don’t take this as an attack, cause I really like the image and think that you succeeded in capturing the atmosphere and look of a small, old street. That thing with the scale is really bugging me, cause I think that otherwise the image is really really excellent.


Beautiful work man…

Everybody wants to know the ground is displacement or just a bump…
Keep it coming…


that is nice but where is wire?

and the bricks wall isn’t very good, doesnt?



Hi, It’s really a nice work

My only questions are:

1- What is the render engine used ?

2- How much you have worked in it as post ?( Cause I don’t beleive this render is achieved through a 3D render )

Once again: WELL DONE




Lets look at the dimensions. 1 hand made brick is about 9 cm thick. And the mortar we used on top of it tooks about 1 cm in modern fine construction techniques. But in old times and in villages mortar is not that fine so it tooks about 1.5 somethimes 2 cm. Lets say 1 brick and the mortar on top of it tooks about 10.5 - 11 cm. So 6 bricks makes 63-65 cm. If u calculate on the pic. the door height is about 19 bricks. so the height is about 190-200 cm. this 10 cm less that we use in out homes. But for village type houses it is ok. :slight_smile:

For the stairs, thay are about 20-22 cm high. İn modern architecture outside steps are about 12-13 cm but in villages steps are higher (we, citymen walk on nice flat streets but village people walk on rough land). :slight_smile:

My previous education is on architecture so I dont think I made a scale mistake.

But on the other hand, I am sure I need to work a few more hours on the bricks to make them more better looking. :rolleyes:

Thank you for your interest. I will put wires when I get home. I am at the office now. :thumbsup:

Built in Mental Ray of max 7 is used for rendering of this scene. İt took about 130 hrs of texture model and lighting work. Final render took 17 hrs and I worked about 1 hr more on Photoshop for some minor mistakes that become visivle in 3636x2424 px big render.


A very nice image to look at, great work. :thumbsup:
As most people on this thread will wonder, how did you do the stones in the street? Did you handpaint the shadows in, or is it all modeled? I would love to see the wires and a lighting setup. And as with every image there will always be some details which not everyone will like, but the overall look and feel of the image is fantastic :slight_smile:


Amazing atmosphere!! I agree about the arc and the wall. But thats a minor detail that can be easily corrected! great work, 4 stars from me!!


wow. i feel like i’m standing there alright.


Excellent work indeed ve ellerine saglik:thumbsup:



exellent work man…once again did u modell the stone on the floor or is it displacement…i dont think there is any problem with the bricks and the stairs… but i guess the drainage pipe in such place must be really dirty…and the portion of the floor underneath the pipe should also be dirty…once again the scene is really awesome…


way beee!!! İşte hep yapmak isteyipte yapamadıklarımdan. Sebebi ortada. Bu ne sabırdır. Nakkaş gibi tek tek dokudun herhalde. Beni benden aldı. Şurası güzel burası olmamış demiyorum. Sonuna kadar olmuş. Baktığım zaman verdiği huzur bana yeter. Sanırım bu tarz yeni çalışmalar yapacaksın. Yani yapmalısın. :slight_smile: Bizi mahrum bırakma ha! Tarzın çok iyi.


Very nice scene! I love the stones on the ground, too. :thumbsup:


classic!and excellent, keep it up man