Sad Street, Cetin Tuker (3D)


Title: Sad Street
Name: Cetin Tuker
Country: Turkey
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This 3D rendered image is a mixture of Turkish, Spanish and Italian cultures. Full of Mediterranean look.

This is modelled and rendered in 3d MAX 7 and for textures I used Photoshop. All textures are hand painted based on photographic references.

I spent about 130 hours to complete this work.

U can maje all types of critiques and comments on any point.

Thank you.


Looks really good. I like the POV and I think you did a great job on the textures, well done! :thumbsup:


It’s not sad at all! This is a very nice composition. And the textures are great. Great job! ****


Really good job with textures, maybe too sharpen… :thumbsup:


Very nice stuff

the ground texture is just awsome
i think the conection between the arch and the right wall in not blended very well
good job:)


o men¡¡
this is incredible¡
realy nice textures, the flor its the best part of the pic ¡.
one obsevation-
in the right top of the image, its to perfect the union Arc-Wall maybe more noise in the geometry in this specific part of your image, and maybe a some trash in the floor.

see you men, i hope to see more of you¡¡


realy realy realy nice
fantastic texturing and lighting
i m agree with daniel
can we have a wire one?


very cool lighting…
very nice texturing…juz dont like for the brick texture…
and like m0og0o said, it’s not sad at all…it’s silent street…
goodjob man…:thumbsup:


tebrikler cok guzel olmus :slight_smile:

On sayfaya koyuyorum.


Beautiful work!

Can you tell us if the ground is a texture, displacement or modeled? It’s very realistic.


supeeer olmussss :):thumbsup: ben de on sayfaya koyuyorum.:rolleyes:


Wow, lovely texture and ligthing! Congratulation:thumbsup:


Fantastic work! The lighting, detail and mood is excellent. I’m glad you posted it here. Congrats for being on the front page. :thumbsup:




Teşekkürler Ali Bey.

Thanks a lot guys. I will post the wire frame and some textures when I got home. I am at the office now.

After all the hard work, when I look at the image, I see minor bugs to be edited. I will edit them and I think I will study 2 more lighting schemes. one for a sunny day and 1 for at night. I want to see the lights, at the 2 sides on the door, turned on.

Thank you.


yeah, wires!!! It’s a fantastic render…I love stones…Is it a displacement?
Good art!!!


this is gr8 work :slight_smile: bravo.
the stone on ground is impressive :slight_smile:


All in all, looks great.

There is one thing bugging me, though. Scale. The door in the back is not in scale with the the steps. If you’re judging by the lamps, everything is okay. But steps look half a metre high, which is of course too much. The four of them come almost to the top of the door. OTOH, it might be a small door. But then, the lamps wouldn’t be where they are, right?

Bricks seem to be problematic, too. The average brick is about 15 cm high, and these look almost twice as tall.

But the atmosphere and mood are great!

BTW, is that what doors in such small side streets in Turkey look like? In Greece they usually paint doors and windows blue, and here in Croatia they use green paint, so you get pale washed-out green after a while.


hi~it’s very nice job,like ur style,very good texture!!


Hey man, you did a really good job!! this scene reminds me some scenes from the movies i watched past. Textures are great. “Eline Sağlık”


Abi muhtesem olmush render… Ellerine saglik :thumbsup:
Keep up the great work :applause: