Saci, Tiago Hoisel (2D)


Title: Saci
Name: Tiago Hoisel
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop

This is a Japanese version of “Saci Pererê”, a famous character in brazillian legends. It illustrates a tale of the journalist Dilai Aguiar and will be published in the book “Saci, I swear I saw” Mundo Mirim publisher. Edited by Mouzar Benedito, the book will gather several tales illustrated by different artists.


So funny Story, i like it!:wink:


gold star for that water droplet effect,
what a fun picture!


fantastic as usual.
Tiago’s artbook for sale soon i hope!


Tiago!! Love Love Love, full of energy and expression! great water droplet and how did he lost his left leg? Looking forward to your book! awesome as always! Master :bowdown:


Good work Tiago :thumbsup:


great sense of motion and energy in this piece


Oh my god, this is amazing man! :buttrock:


nice stuff… and yeah what about that lost leg ? ;>


Hi there, grateful for the comments. The SACI is a character in Brazilian folklore that has just one leg. In the original version he is black, wears a red cap and smokes a pipe. In this case I was asked to make a Japanese version of it. Thanks!


very interesting and fantastic work … love it :thumbsup:


Very nice… Well done Tiago!


What a nice shading.
You did an impressive work drawing water.
You got a very vibrant mood.


Not enough words to express how awesome this is…Just sheer awesomeness!


Amazing and very funny work :slight_smile:


What happened to his leg :frowning:


80 beautiful years :cool:, loved to see this character Saci, and evil cuca ehehe
Thank you for making me remember those times.


haha, very funny :slight_smile:


This is great! I love the expression on his face, and the whole idea is so silly and fun to look at!


What an amazing piece! The Saci worked totally well like this, LOL :smiley: