Saab 9-5 Sedan 2003



i’ve just started modelling the first car i own - the saab 9-5 sedan 2003. as i’m yet to find proper blueprints for this car, i can only do parts that don’t require blueprints e.g. wheels, doorhandles, antennas etc. here are some first parts:

the wheel texture is incomplete, i still have to do the writing on the sidewalls and have a better mapping on it.


small updates:

finished door handle

front grille logo


the windshield washer spray unit:


Good start to stuff!

One problem that jumps out at me immediately is that the bump map on the tire is inversed. The grooves should be pushing in, rather than popping out. You can see it clearly on the bottom area of the tire.

The rest is looking pretty good!


Nice. Any chance you could post some wireframes?

Can’t wait to see more!


here are some wires:


:thumbsup: Thanks for the wires! Great flows!


the textured tyre really looked ugly, so i went ahead and hand modeled the tyre texture. here’s the result:


EXCELLENT work. Are you going to be putting the tire company logo on the side?

Keep up the great work! :thumbsup:


hi, TheApostle
thanks for the kind comments. and yes, i’ll be putting all the logos and markings on the sidewalls of the tyre, but that’s going to be bumpmap.


hand up who thinks the modeled tyre looks a hundred times better than the bump mapped one :slight_smile: click the render for a larger view.


I do! I do!!


Keep going mihkeltt, i wanna see the whole car.


worked on the materials a bit, click image for larger view:


so until i get some proper blueprints and get to work on the body itself, i did some paintjob and studio render tests on my old mazda 6 model. and seriously - no comments on the model please as it’s there just so i can put the material on something that resembles a car. click the image for larger view:


Hot stuff: I like it!


some more material and lighting tests. this time an outdoor setting. click the image for larger view:


Nice work man… love details… :thumbsup:


looking really good so far! the shape of the exterior is looking very good


once again - the last two renders are NOT the saab that i’m going to model. i use one of my old mazda models just to test the materials. but still, thanks for the great comments :slight_smile: