Saab 37 Viggen


Hi all,
I recently finished the Mig 21 Fishbed and have now stared to work on a Saab 37 Viggen. Here’s a couple of Wips:


Nice modeling thier bazze.


looking good


Here’s an update. I’ve created a bump map, a diffusion map and have added some more details.


Please tell me what you think about the composition and light/shader settings. I’ve been staring myself blind…


Just decrease the strength of the bumpmap, as it’s much too strong. You may get better results highlighting the panels using specular maps.


seriously, that last one looks photoreal.


Here’s a new version with the bump reduced. I’ve also re-worked the (lowpoly) pilot.

Here you see it flying:

and here’s a render showing the model with a different texture applied.


Lots better! The camo one is very nice too.

Lower your glossiness a bit, cause the highlight is pretty strong, making the plane almost look wet or varnished (middle picture).


Something about the tail is bothering me. . . it seems too clean somehow. I might be mistaken though. . .

Really nice work there. You’ve got a lot of talent with aircraft models!


Above images updated (camo texture on the 1st picture added and glossiness reduced on the 2nd). Pls reload. I think it is finished.


Top! :thumbsup:


Very nice bazze, I particularily like the inflight shot. Hopefully you’ll do one with the camo version as well.

I really like the way you have reduced your bump maps on recent aircraft, it is much more realistic.


Great images and a great airplane :thumbsup:
I really like the camo version, the colors appear to be very acurate.
Well done.



wow, looks really great man. One suggestion, if you going to put it
into an enviroment such as the flying picture, you should take into
consideration the lighting to give it an even more realistic look with
the environment

-looks great, keep it up



Mhh I thought I had taken the light into consideration :confused:

I don’t know if you have checked the finished piece in the “finished” forum but here’s another in flight render:

And here’s another wireframe view:


I would suggest adding some grain and lowering the saturation a bit–the model doesn’t entirely mesh with the background. There’s quite a bit of digital noise in the background picture.

I love that model! Very clean!


Very very nice I love this thing :smiley: Could you do wires in some other views, like the back and under…
Where did you get the cross sections? I have been looking for a good place for cross sections for a while now.


A very nice movie about the Viggen can be found here:


thanks for the link!
About 2/3 into the movie actually they’re flying over my neighbourhood (the Oresunds bridge connecting Sweden & Denmark).