S22 - Crash when naming a Take



As the title describes, C4D stops responding when I try to rename a take.
A blue wheel starts spinning and I have to force C4D to close.

Anyone else have this issue?

Windows 10. 1909



quick test works fine… can you do a screencast?
Ant report it


This is strange.

I went to record the issue and it’s working now.:roll_eyes:
It happened several times this morning.
I also noticed when I entered new coordinates into the tab under the time line that didn’t work either.

I think My system must have been having a moment for itself.

I’ll keep an eye on it.



I’ve had C4D crash on me in R18-21 while (mistakenly) running the Octane/Redshift IPR. Hasn’t happened in S22 - I’ve only got the trial version.


I’ve definitely seen this in R21 and before that but I could never work out exactly what combo of characters cause it. I’ve just tested it in S22 and have managed to get it to crash, it seems very random though.


don’t forget s22 is basically a beta… The actual release is still 21. A very odd situation IMO.


it might be the case, if you are saving to a network drive, that is not acessible.


Pretty sure it’s not network drive related, there’s no saving going on here but I really don’t know the root cause. It doesn’t seem to happen in R20 so it could be something introduced in R21, it did have a big UI overhaul.

I’ve also captured it a few times now but it is very unpredictable at what point it occurs.
I thought it was maybe special characters or decimal numbers but all cause the crash eventually. It appears just the action of renaming is the trigger (eventually).

Also tried with and without plugins, happens regardless.



I’ve reported it now, so hopefully it can be addressed.



I have the same issue under R21.


Hi guys,

We’re suffering from this issue too on R21. It seems worse when the take has been copied and/or has a lot of overrides on it.

Can anyone help with a fix or at least a work around?