S&T edge flicker


Any solution for dealing with Sketch and Toon edge flickering.
As this animates, S&T randomly drops out edges.
I’m in R17.

See attached.


For this kind of look, I would prefer using the celrender, which is much faster and more stable.


Right, thanks.
So is it just a generally accepted fact that S&T is too unstable for production work? That would be a shame.


Sketch and Toon is very powerful, but with lots of settings available it’s harder to control than a simple celrender, as some settings may seem to work well in one situation but not as well in another.

In that particular case, it may be due to self occlusion. Have you tried to tick that off?

Also, in S&T you can create edge selections and apply a specific render style to them.

So you can select those problematic edges and assign another style “forcing” the render.



I will often go the old school route with atom array
You can also convert the edges to splines and render them via the the hair shader.

And theres this plugin as well