S.T.A.L.K.E.R head


hello guys,

this is my new try of making a head called Stalker. trying/learning some mudbox features. the mask was make in 3dsmax, where else ?? :slight_smile: :scream: :wise:


mudbox screenshot, level division 5


one more - max screenshot :slight_smile:


this is awesome, i cant think of any crits, keep it up.


He’s quite the ugly brute, and I mean that in a good way. I just have one little thing, his gas mask should kind of actually cover his nose, there’s a huuuuge gap right by his nostrils for gases to seep through.


OMG that mesh is dense :eek:

Great job, though the head appears a lil too small to me, but maybe its just some kind of style… I couldnt figure yet :stuck_out_tongue:

keep it up :thumbsup:


Brilliant Work!

How did you made the plastic straps?


the face is really amazing … but its your mask that cuts my breath way …

the flow of your design is flawless



hello guys,

thx for the comments,

@ASWDesign - the plastic straps i did very simple, by extruding the box and aligning it to the face :slight_smile:

made some armor, just not sure wich direction to go now. i have to think a little about the further progress
:scream: :eek:
rendered with VRay… hope u guys like the updates :eek:


he’s looking good :slight_smile:


Looking real nice. Great modeling. I’ll be following this one.


the armor, with the bandana looks very gears of war-ish.

anyway still looking awesome keep em coming cant wait to see more updates.


thx guys,

@@Goffskullz - yes, he is MArkus phenix´s Brother :slight_smile: :scream:
the armor is maybe not the most important part of my work, actually i want to concentrate on the Mask and his face/head…making uvs at the moment for texturing…

here some more shots…
face rendered without a mask.


Wow this is looking awesome! Love the close ups!! Sweet job! :scream:


if you dont mind, could you share your workflow/technique on the armor and mask, i have been interested in making things such as that , and i dont even know how/where to start it would really help me out.


now thats a bloke I would not want to pi$$ off lol. great job dude !


That is fantastic, i love the armour and the face mask sets the whole meanness to him.



I dont post very often. But this is one slick cheracter. I love the head, the mask. Not sure about the torso though. I would go more for what stalkers wear in the game. I.e. some mech suit or something. This reminds me more of starcraft kind of armor, which is not very realistic imo.
Otherwise exellent work. I would like to see how you take advantage of fast sss shader for skin.


wow, just wow.

This looks great! It would realy fit into a post-apocalyptic scene or whatever, woot!


Hey also wanted to mention that the rasperator is sitting quite low on his face. Usually they are pretty up high.