Ryu, Barringer Fox III Wingard (3D)


Title: Ryu
Name: Barringer Fox III Wingard
Country: United States
Software: Maya, mental ray

This is a character that I made while back. An earlier image was in my gallery, but never posted to the forums. Originally, the plan was to recreate the SF2 into, but that never ended up happening, so, I figured I would go ahead and show a few of the pics that had been put together. Here are a few of the original renders, some toon and sss versions of the shaded model. There are a few additional angles as well. Hope you like!
Follow the link below the pic for a larger image.
These are 3 of 6 different renders that I comped together for the image above.

A few different angles.

This is a single toon shaded render with a little bit of ps post.


Wow ‘Massive Work’. This is definitelty a good Hi-Res recreation of Ryu from the SFII series.

The illustration is very impressive and the model suits the Anime SF Style very good.

When you say “…Originally, the plan was to recreate the SF2 into…” did you mean intro? Like for the game or is it Personal Work?

How long did the model itself take? And is it cloth you are using for his clothing?

Would like to learn more. This is truly Massive Talent. :thumbsup:

Oh thanks for posting the alternative renders there HOT!


niceeeeeeeeee :thumbsup:


I like the expression of your Ryu a lot!

He seems to be very powerfull.

Good job ! :thumbsup: ‘Hadoken !’


i think there is a lack of dirt.but the character is good.
my portfolio:



great work


that’s cool character,
i like that muscle ,it’s so stronger.:buttrock:
and very American’s:thumbsup:


awesome comic style


great piece of work


Youve got some serious skills bif, great rendering, dig the toon shade collaboration:thumbsup:


Great character! I like the final result of the combined 3 renders. And the toon shaded one looks very interesting.


Thanks guys!

GreenArrow-Thanks alot man! It was based off of the Udon comic style. This was a client project, unfortunately, I can’t really say much more than that. The model took about two weeks to finish. It is all modeled in maya, including the cloth. I was planning to covert the gi to a cloth object once the model was animated.

hesone-Thank you.
Chokmah-Thanks. I kept trying to add more and more detail to the expression. But in the end, removing most of the geometry was actually the way to go, leaving only flat planes in the face.
jorge_B-Yeah, no dirt. There aren’t actually any textures on the model. Just an sss shader on one pass, and two versions of a toon shader.
manimation-Thank you.
mayanancientgod-Thank you.
Naetron-Thanks alot man. I found that combining toon shades along with other shaders and/or renders lit from slightly different angles makes for some cool compositing effects in photoshop.
Sakari-Thanks. I know, I almost like the basic toon shaded version better than the others. It just works well in its simplicity.


Thanks for the insight Bif! Its nice to know how much work went into a model like this.

I keep telling students it takes time to Model some Chracters for production, in order to attain the detail that’s required. So 2 weeks makes this a good example.

The way you defined the muscles suits the character so much. The single toon shader is very traditional but the post work you did for the final comp is a very nice improvement.

Thanks for sharing this impressive work with us! Very inspiring :thumbsup:


I love Street Fighter and Ryu and i Love Your work , great job man ;D


Wow, this is great. I really like what you did with that toon shader!


awesome stuff!


Hey Bif!!

Sup G! Been a while! :slight_smile: I was searching the forums and saw this post, your Ryu is looking awesome. I went through a Street Fighter modeling phase a few months ago too, but I ended up modeling (a bust) Sagat! When you get a chance, check him out on my site. I am glad to see you are doing well, we gotta catch up sometime.



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