Ryan SketchBook WIP


It has been some time since my last post here. Below is what I am currently working on.

Just about done with this Batman bust and started on a violin. Just practicing and trying to get better.


Hey man, how did the bust and the violin turn out?

I really like the start you got on the violin, it looks solid!


The Batman Bust turned out great. I am very happy with it.
Below is my current progress on the Violin. It is coming along. Working on my UVs at the moment and fixing some details. It is never ending lol.

I am glad you like it JeffHH, thank you for the comment.



Cool print dude, do you have your own printer at home or did you order it somewhere?
Violin looks like solid progress!


Thank you JeffHH

Here is my current WIP. Going for a stylized orc. My plan is to make a few different poses with different armor and make him into a toy like a figure. 2019-05-09


WIP Update The Orc Toy Concept


Orc Toy Update.

I am done with cutting up the body and making the joints. Next step is to cut up the armor and make it work with the body for printing.

Enjoy. If you have any question feel free to ask.


Here is an update on the one of the weapons that he will be using.


I am actually wondering, since I haven’t done too much printing.
I see that you just sort of stick the geo inside of the other geo on the orc, do you just do a dynamesh or something like that at the end of it?



Yeah, that is exactly right. At the end once I know the statue is in the pose and nothing else will be moved I dynamesh at a very high Rez so i do not lose any detail. Then you use Decimation master on it. That removed a good amount of polys but keeps the detail.

If you have something that is going to be on top of another peace and you want it to be printed you can use the boolean tool to make that part fit right onto of the other one.

Then you can save it out as an STL and send it to your printer guy or print it yourself. I am still very new to this but that is how I did my Batman bust.

Hope that makes sense.


Yeah that makes a lot of sense, thanks for the clarification!


Working on a new statue for a comic book company. Just for practice. So far I have this.
Here are the ref imaes that I am going off of.


This is my current WIP