Ryan SketchBook WIP


Hello everyone, I am Ryan and I am new to modeling but not new to 3d.I have a good tech understanding of Maya and ZBrush but need to get better at being an artiest. I am practicing as much as possible and I know over time I will only get better.

Here is my current project -

Making a game ready model for a level that I am doing in Unity. This thread will include all of the assists that will be in the level. This will be the main character.
A little about me - I come from a tech side of 3D went to school and focused on Rigging. Took some time off due to family and found that after school I enjoyed modeling much more then rigging. So I am learning and studying to be a character artiest. I am a father of two young kids and have a full time tech job at the moment. :frowning: Not in the industry at the moment. But I do teach Maya at a community college so that is a plus lol.

The object of this test is to prove to my self that I can make a level in unity all by my self.

Here is the Barbarian
He is still WIP.


Still in processes of blocking out the armor.


Due to my wife not feeling weal I had to stay home from work the past two days and take care of my newborn daughter. So I was able to work on this some more then normal. I am happy with how it it is coming along. I will be posting some concept work of the level soon.
Blocked out some more armor and facial hair.


Changed the armor up. The shoulder pads might not stay or they will be changing to something else.
Coming along. Need to fix some anatomy and polish the armor and everything else. Still much more to come.


Changed the armor sum. Still very much a WIP.
So far I am happy with it.


Hey Ryan! It looks very promising! Persistence is the key in this field.


arturvp - Thank you for your words of encouragement. After I posted that image I went back into ZBrush and file did not open. It got corrupted somehow. So I lost two hours worth of work. O well what can you do but redo it and move on?

I will have an update in the next few days.


Oh man, that’s painful. But it happens to all of us. I do like to save different files with different number. *_001, *_002 and so on. Helps mitigate damaged a bit.
But hey, it’s an opportunity as well! Maybe this it will be even better! I know it has sour taste, but still. Keep your head up!


Barbarian Update.

So I lost most of the Right Armor that I did, so I focused on the boots. I had to move onto something else. Working my way up the body. Still much to do. I kinda feel like the boots are a little big so they my get scaled down.


Update on the boots and small update on the belt area… I do not know about the cape.It may get removed before I am done.


Everything is coming together! Good job man!


Was able to make some good progress on this guy tonight. I am happy with the direction it is going. I am hoping that I can call it done enough soon and get the model into Substance Painter for some texture love.


Did not do much more to the body on this update. Was able to make a good starting point on his main weapon. A two handed axe.


Still working on the Barberian but I also started a Venom / Spider-man poster. Almost done with this. Planning on working on this more tonight.


Fixed venoms face and body to look more like a person and less like a thing with no neck. Still, have a ton of work to do to him but he is going in the correct direction.


Doing a study on anatomy before I go back to my barbarian guy.



Some more work that I have been working on. Completed my male anatomy study.



it really shows that you are improving, your shapes are getting more deliberate and a lot less blobby.
Just Keep pushing man, you are doing good work!


Thank you for the encouragement Jeff, it is much appreciated.



I have been doing a ton in sense September.
Here is what I have been up to. Mostly just getting more comfortable with ZBrush and learning new skills and practicing as much as I can.

Most recent model is my Santa.

Here are some other projects that I have in the making