Rusty sky, Arseniy Korablev (3D)


Title: Rusty sky
Name: Arseniy Korablev
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay
Submitted: 5th September 2010

After the interplanetary economic crisis, many large energy companies have reduced staff and production. Air industrial zone of Mars turned into slums rarely recalling a cargo locomotives and aircrafts.


Great work, your image works very well, comp, mood, all good :applause: Maybe some of the lower structures could have been darker lighting wise.
Love the structures design too,
Well done!



Great image. I like the concept, colors, composition, modeling… everything.


Nice one, love the color palette and the whole mood.


great work! can you tell us about your post production workflow?


great picture :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


Man how did u manage not to get lost in this image?!! :surprised superb piece


Great attention to detail. Love the colouring and light! :beer:


cool! nice work!


Great work… and awesome Pipes… :buttrock:


Nice mood, i love it :slight_smile:


Very Steam Punk it looks like the Miyazaki’s style to Howls Moving Castle, Awesome job.


I love the details and colors. Beautiful!


Nice post-apocalyptic tmosphere man! Really dusty, vicious (poisonous maybe?), green environment. It´s kinda funny but the main structure somehow reminds me of a sax. ;o)


oozing with feeling and creativity … love it!


Love the feel of this one.


Thank you all for your interest to my work, comments and Award! I’ve always dreamed about it! :beer:


Watching that image rises a question inside head. Why does artists of today in their minds see so much of disasters, crisis and pollution, especially when adding some hints on corporations and economy in their images? Footprint of artificial, crippled and distorted economy of today’s world sneaked into this image indeed :arteest:

Nicely executed image, interesting vision.


very detailed and emotional work


I really like your composition, choice of colors and the atmosphere of the image. Great work.