Rusty environment.


Well starting a new project. Another scene :slight_smile: This is around 4 hr work so far. Not sure where I am going to go with this… I have some ideas and I may make it a full playable level… but not sure yet. of course this is very wip hehe.


Kinda gears of war building like :stuck_out_tongue:
Style works, if you can continue it youll have a great thing prolly, tho maybemore 3d detail at the roof ? dependant on how close youll get


Thats some pretty nice architecture. Good textures an all.
Ill be keepin my eye on this cos i know your environments always turn out well.


Hi man, I see You start next amaizing work. Starts really cool. I love this rusted metal roof. Nice design. You have any concept or making from a head??


Thanks :slight_smile: Hourences post your maps in the finished 3D section area I am sure people will love them. You have a totally different style than me. I have gone with basic simplicity when you go with wild little details. Yeah this is a bit of Gear of Warish.

Though my plan is to go a little away from that and do some wilder designs. Yep at atm I do not have clear cut theme all doing it from my mind.


i like it but it really seems like the bottom half is a different peice than the top, is this on puprose or just an un-finished texture? the top half is great though


Yeah I agree, it looks good, however as the bottom part is allot brighter, the two parts don’t fit that well. I definitely like where ur going with this though.


yeah that is an unfinished skin. Not sure when ill get back to this :expressionless: just have to do some other stuff atm.


Got onto another project that is why this stopped for a bit here goes a update for you all :slight_smile: No lighting, It is all done on the texture. The idea… It is mostly in my head right now I usally draw sketch and what not but this came in a dream I had. The whole feel will be a rust envio of some kind. These models will be for a UT2K4 map most likly at CTF map. I have lots of plans for animations in the background like huge pistons and some very odd moving stuff. It is going to be a bit sureal I hope and insane I hope.

Edit: btw I plan this to be a huge building. I am going to redo the window texture since I want the scale of the player to be two tiles of the window peice.


this is looking crazy good. i cant wait to see where you take this next. :smiley:


looking good, im glad you decided to come back to this, looking forward to more.


This is the next pic… Now in engine in UT2K4… still very rough but this is how the main outside will look still got to add tons of things to make it look spot on. My plan is to have a lot of movable objects in game like huge pistons and some other odd machine things around the level.

The pic was taken in Unrealed.


Geezus Christ! That is very nice, Desp. Once again a piece to be proud of. My only crit is the trees. They seem to contrasted, and create these attention magents, that keep me from taking in a lot more of the image. Maybe if they were desaturated, or even browned out. This may blend them too much into the rusted environment. But a fall setting might work better with the given environment. But once again. very nice work. Impressed as always


yeah I agree the trees really take too much attention. I am going to take them out most likly and put statues or something to replace the trees. This map will be for BR so I want to keep the main play areas clear to bounce the ball etc. btw if you the see main entrance to the building the player is about 8 times smaller The outside is pretty big and the building is huge wih big windows.


I especially like the top areas of the buildings. Lovely style.


i love the scene desp, those roofs caught my eye man…is it the lighting thats making it looks shiny like that…it almost shines like the inside of a sea shell…i like that look…is it a added texture, lighting?..


I added a slight spec map on it for the roof top textures so it gives it a shine and the lighting helps also. This map is I guess inspired by HL2 and GOW but really once it is done it will be pretty diff. I am being inspired mostly by NYC buildings since I now live here in a dorm. Seeing these huge constructions and lots of cool trims is what is really inspiring me for this map atm.


I am loving it. Can’t wait to see more updates. The only thing I am unsure of, or what caught my eye and I don’t know if it should have is the little detailed pieces that are on either side of the door. I think maybe the highlights are too high on these little do dads.

As my eyes scanned the whole piece my eyes kept being drawn right too them. :wink:
Also maybe the window trims the “silver” parts are too bright and light as well. (bottom floor)

But goodness I am jealous of the rest!



the architecture is awesome! please show other views in the Unrealed, if you can. I checked out your website, Mothership i think was the best AS map! in UT2004 :smiley:


damn dude, very nice! more views! more sexiness!